Ship Full of Bombs

Box Of Delights Ep 87 7th Anniversary Show

June 1, 2021

Mark marks the 7th Anniversary of the Box Of Delights by playing all vinyl, all 7 inch singles. 


Smokey Joe's La La - The Googie Rene Combo

Stand On The Word (Louis Vega Original Version) - Elements Of Life

She's Gone - Lou Rawls

You Sent Me Flying - Amy Winehouse

Tom's Diner - Nautilus (ft Mizuka Kamada) 

Bazza Blanco - Jim Sharp

Love To Angie - Red Astair

(It Ain't) All Good - Daytoner

Listen To The Sound - T Funk Collective

Television Drug Of The Nation - Hiphoprisy

Party Time - Kurtis Blow 

Call It What You Want - Credit To The Nation 

Born This Way (Let's Dance) - Cookie Crew

Hard Work - Orchestra Pete Jacques

Two Bugs In A Rug - Earl Hooker

Sliced Tomatoes - Just Brothers

Charlies Theme - Jimi Entley Sound

Skeelo Wonder - Smoove 

Mob Fire - Burley Chassis

Dionne's Walk (Mojo Filter Fly By Re-Love) Mojo Filter

Why? - Carly Simon

Illamar A Los Bamberosi - Nestor Alvarez

Skindoo Le Le - Alive

Deixa Eu Te Amar - Marisa Rossi

Luiza Manequim - Abilio

Star Wars Title Theme - Meco

It It Love You're After? - Rose Royce

Mighty Mighty - Earth Wind and Fire

Girls - Moments and Whatnauts

H.A.P.P.Y. Radio - Edwin Starr 

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