Ship Full of Bombs

Antigen Internet Radio - Episode #18 - The Blue Pillar

November 15, 2021

Hide the Ship Full of Bombs swear jar*, Jason goes curse-word crazy as he contemplates the belief-forming mechanisms of the Conservative voter. The 37% of people so impressed with the government's handling of Brexit and the pandemic, they would vote for another five years of Bullingdon Boy buffoonery.

He shares his top tips for navigating the hazardous reality of post-Brexit Britain. And asks the questions we’ve all been asking ourselves over the last two years: Are these the bright sunlit uplands? Or am I standing ankle-deep in shit waving a tiny flag? How can I tell if this old man made of cake? Am I a brain in a vat?

It's time to hold your nose and prepare to dive head first into the sewer of sleaze, for episode #18 of the antigen internet radio show.

* At £1 a swear, he owes the station £28 after this show.

  1. Dr Thérèse Coffey – Time of my Life
  2. Kulk – Lives for One
  3. Polly Preacher – You Give Me the Spooks
  4. Low – Pissing
  5. The Bug – Demon (ft. Irah)
  6. Vic Chesnutt – Flirted with You All My Life (live at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio)
  7. The International Debt – The Private Joke
  8. Scotch Rolex – Juice (ft. MC Yallah)
  9. Screaming Blue Messiahs – Good and Gone
  10. Grove – Fuck Ur Landlord
  11. Rev Simpkins – For Every Number
  12. Pig – Sex and Death (ESA Remix)
  13. Mamaki Boys – Takkaï

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