Ship Full of Bombs

Antigen Internet Radio - Episode #14 - Beacon of Hope

July 26, 2021

Part-time antigen hype-man and full-time cranky recluse delivers another cynical instalment of the antigen internet radio show. In episode #14, Jason tries to help listeners confused by the UK government’s advice about when it’s OK to be racist. He discovers everything he believed about Winston Churchill’s trusty wartime canine companion was a lie. And he demands the abolition of all public safety laws, to be replaced by good old-fashioned stick-it-in-your-bumhole English common sense. He also finds time to kick Laurence Fox while he’s down.

1. Tasos Stamou – Poor Mum
2. Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir – Polegnala E Pschenitza
3. IKOQWE – Bulubulu
4. UltraMantis Black – Content to Languish
5. MZ.412 – Öppna Helgrind
6. Duboka Ilegala – Uske Pantalone
7. Lepa Brena  – Uske Pantalone
8. Dingus Khan – Dustbin Gravy
9. Gaffa Tape Sandy – Beehive
10. John Callaghan – I Feel Fine
11. Tamar Aphek – Crossbow
12. Sons of Kemet – My Queen is Ada Eastman (feat. Joshua Idehen)

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