Ship Full of Bombs

Antigen Internet Radio - Episode #12 - No Subject (A Prince Philip Tribute)

May 4, 2021

Join Jason for an hour of solemn music and quiet reflection as we interrupt our scheduled programming to honour a man whose death was important enough to postpone the final of Masterchef - Prince Philip, the people's prince. We remember the straight-talking royal with a unique sense of humour, whose ambition in death was to be reincarnated as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.

1. Cardiacs – Fiery Gun Hand
2. Silver Apples – Oscillations
3. Anita Lane – Jesus Almost Got Me
4. Gang of Four – I’ve Found that Essence Rare
5. Nick Cave with the Bad Seeds – From Her to Eternity
6. Kraftwerk – Ruckzuck 
7. MF DOOM – Kookies
8. Bulvanua LSB – Naja

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