Ship Full of Bombs
Iron Horse: Ep-3

Iron Horse: Ep-3

June 17, 2021
Sit yourself down in a good comfy chair, put those feet up and question the fabric of reality, the reason for life and why the chair is make of snakes, as we get bleak, experimental, strange and atmospheric with a whole show dedicated to the more experimental side of music.
We dive deep into Godspeed You! Black Emperor, fly through RO, back round past If These Trees Could Talk and off into the dark plans of Darkfolk and many other post metal/rock deliciousnessand that all kicks off with a glorious piece of swedish post-metal to haunt and heavy up a rather chilled yet abstract journey.
Iron Horse: Ep-2

Iron Horse: Ep-2

May 17, 2021
Returning for another episode of brilliant music with a spattering of applause and many thanks for the support received from the first one.
This time round, it’s very Scandinavian, with tunes from Skein, Leprous and Kuolemanlaakso (try saying that sober)
They will be joined with local legends Walk-in Coma and Beyond Extinction as well as a whole pile of psychedelic rock from The Vintage Caravan all the way to Green lung and lots more to get into those listening libraries with special love to Black Orchid Empire and Pteroglyph.
Pens, papers and ears primed for another dive into this little journey.
Iron Horse: Ep-1

Iron Horse: Ep-1

April 20, 2021

Welcome one and all to Iron Horse, with the oddity that is RJ Learmouth.
Bringing you the finest handpicked selection of everything progressive, heavy, melodic, and strange from the world of rock and metal.

This show aims to give you the full flavour of what to expect; featuring some international big-hitters like White Denim, Orbit Culture, and Caligula's Horse; and strolling through the local alleyways of the Essex and Hertfordshire underground scene with the likes of RUINA, Countless Skies, and Jackal's Backbone - and many many more.

Clothing optional.

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