Ship Full of Bombs

Antigen Internet Radio - Episode #13 – Public Service Broadcasting

June 30, 2021

‘Write about what you know’ is great advice. Unless you’ve spent the last 15 years working for local authority adult services like Jason from antigen radio.

Join him as he ponders the complexity of trickle-down economics, discovers why you don't want to be the PM's chum, and virtue signals his way through an hour of local county council fun, inspired only by the promise of a public sector pay freeze and a brand new badge, that says 'care'. Plus, hilarity ensues as he he tackles his annual declaration of gifts, hospitality and interests.

1. Goblin – Suspiria (Alternate take)
2. Ulan Bator – La Joueuse de Tambour 
3. The Young Gods – September Song
4. Björk – Jóga
5. Youra – Praktika
6. Värttinä – Mieleni Alenevi
7. REA x Funky Monkey - Roulette
8. Ugniavijas – Par Tėvelį Augau
9. Yat-Kha – Solun Chaagai Sovet Churtum

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