The Library Of Aethers 9 March 2017 - Rif Mountain Special

March 9, 2017

Tonight in the studio, Diana's guests were Dom Cooper, Steve Collins and Jason Steel of Rif Mountains Records. They chose the following songs:

The Welcome Sailor - Lal Waterson (Diana)
All's Dear But The Poor Man's Labour - The Druids (Dom)
Scarborough Sands - Harry Boardman & Dave Hillery (Jason)
Diagoro's Theme - Wonderland Philharmonic Orchestra (Steven)
Those Spectral Shades - Bare Bones (Diana)
Dorset Hanging Oak - The Owl Service (Diana)
Cuckoo's Nest - Morris On (Dom)
Ballad of the Sad Young Man - Davy Graham (Jason)
E Cid (Steven)
I Am So Tired of Sighing - Robert Sunday (Diana)
Song for Eve - Hold Music (Diana)
Past Time with Good Company - Giles Farnabay's Dream Band (Dom)
All Through The Beer - Lea Nicholson (Jason)
All These Governors - The Evens (Steven)
[title unknown] - Jim Gheid (Diana)
My Lady's Coach - Staverton Bridge (Dom)
Meeting is a Pleasure - Lal & Waterson (Jason)
The Procession of Popular Capitalism - McCarthy (Steven)
Pangs - Alasdair Roberts (Diana)
Martyrs - Gaelic Psalms From Lewis (Dom)
Lyke Wake Dirge - Sounds & Silence (Jason)
Home Stretch Blues - Michael Garrick (Steven)