The Dunce Confederacy with Brendan O’Hare

February 6, 2017

Tom and Micky are joined in the studio by Brendan O'Hare, best known for his time in Teenage Fanclub, Telstar Ponies and Mogwai.


They played...


Full Moon - Woods (Tom)
Well You Better - Yo La Tengo (Tom)
A Rose For Emily - The Zombies (Tom)

Side Netting - Telstar Ponies (Micky)
Sinners - Timeouts (Micky)
Hickory Wind - Gram Parsons (Micky)

I Want To Tell You About What I want - Robyn Hitchcock (Tom)
Well Done Sonny - The Weathers Prophets (Tom)
Thin Air - Teenage Fanclub (Tom)

Thirteen - Big Star (Brendan)
Tijauna Taxi - Herb Alpert (Brendan)
Cheesecake Truck - King Missile (Brendan)

If This Ain't Love I Don't Know What Is - Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators (Micky)
Fifth Dimension - The Byrds (Micky)
Dirty Overalls - Woodie Guthrie (Micky)

Dear Dark J - J.C. Satan (Tom)
Morning - Early Mammal (Tom)
Ghost In The Trees - Thee Oh Sees (Tom)

Bell Bottoms - John Spencer Blues Explosion (Micky)
Got A Match - The Halibuts (Micky)
The Long Way Round - Teenage Fanclub (Micky)

Input Sourse Select - De Staat (Brendan)
Get Up And Go - The Rutles (Brendan)
Love Is An Arrow - Alberfeldy (Brendan)

Mr Humphies - Mark Eitzel (Tom)
Morningarise - Slowdive (Tom)
Dreamy - Holydrug Couple (Tom)

Human Cannonball - Butthole Surfers (Micky)
Yes, I Am A Long Way From Home - Mogwai (Micky)