Otherwires 30

March 13, 2017

A buffet of delights featuring choice cuts from Wil Bolton and Bowditch, brand new music from Do Make Say Think and The Physics House Band and an album of the month from Tenariwen.

Invocation of a Midsummer Revery - Children of Alice
Abdou Kadre - Piano Interrupted
The Railway Hotel Gents Toilet (Broken) - Bowditch
Bound and Boundless - Do Make Say Think
Hayati - Tinariwen
Abandoned Reminder - Craig Taborn
Kneel Down - Neil Cowley Trio
Round Trip (Broadway Blues) - Jaco Pastorius
Teen Town - Jaco Pastorius
Opus Pocus - Jaco Pastorius
Astral Wave - The Physics House Band
Spirit Splitter (No.54) - Mary Halvorson Octet
Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson
Tenere Taqqal - Tinariwen
The Cavalry Cross - Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy
Conch - Get The Blessing
81 - Miles Davis
Shadow - Barry Guy
Colours in Space - Explosions in The Sky
Dissolve - Wil Bolton