Library of Aethers - 29/06/17

June 29, 2017

Guest hosted by Jo Overfield and Ray Morgan from Sundown Arts, featuring spoken word and animals...

Heart Like a Wheel- Kate and Anna McGrarrigle 


Animal Section


Walking the Cow- Daniel Johnston

Who stole the Lock off the Henhouse Door?- Riley Puckett

Cuckoo, Where are you?- Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman

Sad Song- Psapp

Sit in the Middle of three galloping dogs- Silver Mt Zion Band

Spotted Cow- Rubus

Whole heap of horses- Anna and Elizabeth

Wild Hog in the Woods- The Furrow Collective


Two Brothers- Directijng Hand (What put the blood)

Cummins Falls- 75 Dollar Bill

The Farmers Curst Wife- Horton Barker

When I die- The Doc Watson Family

Nottamun Town- Shirley Collins & Davy Graham

Thousands or More- The Copper Family

Stuart Estell- Shallow Brown

Riddles- Dark Patrick

Fallow Year- Crafting for Foes

Greenland Bound- Big Eyes Family Players 

Annabel- Hold Music

Happy Meeting in Glory- Joseph Spence