Library Of Aethers - 24/08/2017

August 24, 2017

Guest Librarian Paul Collier presents Library of Aethers guest starring Piers Haslam. 

Spencer the Rover- Muckram Wakes
Forky Deer- Black Twig Pickers
Lady Keiths Lament- Ray Fisher
Pangs- Alasdair Roberts

'Live Set from Piers Haslam
On yonder old oak
The brisk young ploughboy
The kaiser karl rag'

Rakotozafy- Samy Faly
Asmine - D'Gary

Bongwater- Kisses Sweeter than Wine
Charles Alexandre- Eschoticha Simpla
Ide putem Ilija- M.Krnjevac-Z.Karic

Fine Horseman- Lal & Mike Waterson
Sing me into your Tune- Marry Waterson & David A Jaycock
Giovanni Maria Tampori- Canti Di Corrulanti

'Live Set from Piers Haslam
First Night at Sea
Boar's Head Carol
Drunken Madness'

Lord Donegal- Sarah and Rita Keane
Lord McDonald/ Miss McGuinness (Reels)- Michael Coleman

Burrowed into the Soft Sky Part 3 - Doomed Bird of Providence
La Pernette- Malicorne

The Innocent Hare- Rapunzel & Sedayne
Trek to England- Count Lasher
Trompen hass Trond- Lise Lunde Brennhagen
Springar- Johannes Dale

Blow out the Moon- The Furrow Collective