Ship Full of Bombs

Library Of Aethers- 05/04/2018

April 5, 2018

Tonight's guest was Roy Thirlwall and the theme was agriculture. 

The Scarecrow - Lal and Mike Waterson
The Gospel Plow - Bob Dylan
The Taxes on the Farmer Feeds us All - Ry Cooder
The Farmer's Curst Wife - E.C Ball
The Farmer's Daughter - Riley Puckett and Clayton Mc Michen
Prince Heathen- The Furrow Collective
Prince Heathen- Martin Carthy

Roy Thirlwall Set- Bad News Telephone + Queen of England

A Hard Row to Hoe- A Hawk and a Hacksaw
All the Tree's of the Field will Clap their Hands- Sufjan Stevens #
Meadow- Espers
Sun Beholds Me- Hand Habits
The Ghost in You- Robyn Hitchcock
Make Out Fade Out- cavern of anti-Matter
Barleycorn- Tim Van Eyken
Rainbow- Cath and Phil Tyler
Christ's Entry into Govan- Trembling Bells
King Harvest- The Band

Roy Thirlwall Set- Secret Dog

Sheep Crook Black Dog- Rubus
Romy- Robert Sunday
The Brisk Young Ploughboy- Bob & Jim Copper
Yellow Tail- Nancy Wallace
Riley's Hen House Door- Riley Puckett