Ship Full of Bombs

Library Of Aethers - 03/052018

May 3, 2018

Diana features the Gentle Folk song cycle Into The Greenwood. 


Hal and Tow - The Watersons
Ebenezer - Shady Mountain Ramblers
Goodbye Booze - Jack Rose and the Black Twig Pickers
Hearts Joined Together - Sharron Kraus
His Name Is Gene - M.G. Boulter
I Possibly Am Again - Circle/Temple
Someone You'd Admire - Fleet Foxes
The Shrine/An Argument - Fleet Foxes
Soldier - Richard Dawson
When The Fire And The Rose Are One - John Fahey
The Dun Broon Bride - Alasdair Roberts
Wallington - Cath and Phil Tyler
Into The Grreenwood - Gentle Folk
Mokihana - Kanes Hawaiians
Traleri - Genoese Longshoremen
Black As A Cat In The Morning - Men Diamler
The Great Silkie - Trees
A Weakness For Roses - Baby Dee