WeirdGear Radio Show - 10/06/2018

June 10, 2018

A World Cup. If it was songs as countries.

England won; in Barlow's head. And we drunk Mamma Juana 

Mr Wolfe drunk more of those than all of us. Only as the other two were driving!

Here's what was played: -

1) Shame - One Rizla (Barlow for Morocco)
2) Claes-Göran Fagerstedt Trio - Stone Free (Lee for Sweden)
3) Rolf Harris - If I Were a Rich Man (Wolfe for Australia)
Winner = Sweden
*pause for group Mamma Juana Shot*

4) Pnau - Baby [La Felix Remix] (Lee for France)
5) Idles - Colossus (Barlow for Islamic Republic of Iran)
6) Lasgo - Something (Wolfe for Costa Rica)
Winner = France

5) Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Wolfe for Russia)
6) Topia - I Saw You Yesterday (Barlow for South Korea)
7) Simian Mobile Disco (Lee for Colombia)
Winner = Colombia
*pause for Wolfe Mamma Juana Shot*

8) Lone - Airglow Fires (Lee for Serbia)
9) Goldfrapp - Strict Machine [Benny Benassi Remix] (Wolfe for Spain)
*a Wolfe Mamma Juana moment*
10) QTY - Rodeo (Barlow for Mexico)
Winner = Spain
*pause for Wolfe Mamma Juana Shot*

11) Pom Poco - It's A Trap (Barlow for Japan)
12) Maurice Joshua - I Gotta Big Dick (Lee for Brazil)
13) Joey Beltram - Slice [Carl Cox Remix] (Wolfe for Belgium)
Winner = Brazil

14) DJ Jean - The Launch (Wolfe for Germany)
15) Mogadishu - Shades and Rays (Barlow for Senegal?)
16) Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity (Lee for Argentina)
Winner = Germany

17) Todd Terje - Ragysh (Lee for Saudi Arabia)
18) Goat - Let it Burn (Barlow for Engerland)
19) LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations [Tiga's Out of The Trance Closet Mix] (Wolfe for
Winner = Engerland

OVERALL WINNER = Football, those not picked and say it quietly (maybe England? hope springs..)

Muzak (Lee)

Sam Fonteyn - Pop Looks Bach
Cyril Stapelton - The Power Game Theme
Cyril Stapelton - Department S Theme
Tony Hatch - The Champions Theme
Laurie Johnson - The New Avengers Theme
Don Harper's Homo Electronicus - World of Sport Theme
Tony Hatch - Sportsnight Theme
Johnny Keating - Z Cars Theme
Eric Winstone - Dr Who Theme
Cyril Stapelton - The Forsyte Saga Theme
The Saint Orchestra - Return of the Saint Theme
Laurie Johnson - The Professionals Theme
The Doug Wood Band - Drag Racer
Waldo De Los Rios - Mozart's a Musical Joke
Skeewiff - Mischievous Mungo
Barry Gray - The Mysterons Theme
Barry Gray - Aqua Marina Theme
Barry Gray - Stingray Theme
Barry Gray - Joe 90 Theme
Barry Gray - The Mysterons Theme
Barry Gray - Captain Scarlet Theme
The Flee Rekkers - Fireball XL5
Barry Gray - Thunderbirds Theme

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