The Dave and Stuart Show - 27th November 2017

January 22, 2018

OK, so its two months late, but eventually November's show is here...


Schammasch - Satori
Mika Vainio and Joachim Nordwall - In the Sheltering Sanctus of Minerals
CA2+ - Deleese
Mattias Gustafsson -"Känn Ingen Oro, Känn Ingen Ängslan"
Anne Garner - Brink
Mika Vainio - Ilta
Alessandro Cortini - La Guardia
Luke Abbott - Amphis
Ricardo Donoso - Dance of Attunement
Claro Intellecto - Kozyrev's Mirror
Lakker - Three Songs
Tzusing - Situation Again and Again
Christoph de Babalon - Water
Planetary Assault Systems - Life Rhythm
Go Hiyama - Inequality
I Hate Models - Daydream

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