The 1974 Show - All Vinyl Special - 21/04/2018

April 21, 2018

To commemorate Record Store Day, Ian Pope played a selection of tracks from his collection of vinyl records. The following tracks were played:

Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries
Thunderclap Newman - Something in the Air
Atomic Rooster - Devil's Answer
Curved Air - Back Street Luv
Hawkwind - Silver Machine
Genesis - I Know What I Like
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
Invisible Opera Company of Tibet with Daevid Allen - Tried So Hard
Robert Wyatt - Biko
Captain Beefheart - Harry Irene
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - My Guitar
Jeff Beck - Star Cycle
Weather Report - Teen Town
Keith Jarrett - Country
Joni Mitchell - Refuge of the Roads
Bill Nelson - Do You Dream in Colour
XTC - Travels in Nihilon
Robert Fripp - Exposure
The Nice - America
Gentle Giant - Peel the Paint
Procul Harum - A Salty Dog
Rush - Freewill
Argent - Hold Your Head Up
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
Mike Oldfield - Incantations Part 3

The 1974 Show

February 19, 2018

Tonight, Ian Pope ran through an overview of the progressive and prog rock scene from the late 60s onwards. He played the following tracks -

Trace - Birds Suite
The Pretty Things - Baron Saturday
Groundhogs - Cherry Red
Spirit - Animal Zoo
Kevin Ayers - Song For Insane Times
Audience - House on the Hill
Renaissance - Island
Mighty Baby - Keep on Jugging
Man - California Silks & Satins
Jack Bruce - Theme From An Imaginary Western
Egg - Boilk
Caravan - Winter Wine
Soft Machine - Ban-Ban Caliban
Steve Hillage - Searching For The Spark
McDonald & Giles - Flight of the Ibis
Spooky Tooth - Better By You, Better Than Me
Curved Air - It Happened Today
Purson - Spiderwood Farm
Bram Stoker - Fingal's Cave
Frank Zappa - Inca Roads
Pavlov's Dog - Late November