Otherwires 39 Review of 2017

December 18, 2017

Otherwires returns to it's glorious full form, now with added vinyl playing capability! Tonight we blast through 2017 playing the absolutely hottest cuts. Feat. Mogwai, Tom Rogerson, Binker and Moses, Ill Considered, Four Tet, Vessels, Physics House Band and many more. Our album of the year comes from Jeff Parker with his solo album Slight Freedom. It's incredible, you must own it.


Phantom Brickworks II - Bibio

The Gabbard - Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno

To All It - Bing and Ruth

In The World But Not Of The World - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Heavy Moss - Tatran

40 Point - Vels Trio

Dawn Lit Metropolis - Ill Considered

Ride Ahead and Light The Way For Me - Brokeback

All This I Do For Glory - Colin Stetson

Bound And Boundless - Do Make Say Think

Uh Uh - Thundercat

Echoes From The Other Side of The Mountain

SW9 9SL - Four Tet

Doomed - Moses Sumney

Position - Vessels

The Astral Wave / Mobius Strip II - The Physics House Band

Don't Believe The Fife - Mogwai

Mainz & Lush Life - Jeff Parker (Album of The Year) 

Otherwires 38

November 20, 2017

A foreshortened episode of Otherwires this month owing to some technical gremlins, but definitely making up for it once underway. Album of the month is from Ill Considered, plus the usual roundup of jazz, electronica and post-everything.

Ansumana - Susso

When did you stop loving me - Jeff Parker

Building Bridges - Ill Considered

Purchase - Noveller

Low Light - Soundcarriers

Don't blame yourself - Chaz Bundick meets the Mattson 2

Weight Off - Badbadnotgood

All Ears - Mette Henriette

Dawn Lit Metropolis - Ill Considered

Godzilla - Vels Trio

Voyager - The colours that rise

Cosmic Patience - Gilad Hekselman

Sea Wall - Hans Zimmer

Otherwires 37

October 24, 2017

James and Nick return with another monthly roundup of new and classic Jazz and Electronica feat. Kamasi Washington, ADHD, Fourtet, Gil Scott Heron & Vessels.


Shinkansen - Jaga Jazzist

Already There - Taylor McFerrin

Morning Of - The JuJu Exchange

Space Fling - Sun Ra

Two Thousand and Seventeen - Fourtet

Strawberry Letter 23 - Shuggie Otis

Black Sails - Mammal Hands

746 - Trio Elf

Glower - Vessels

Pieces of a Man - Gil Scott Heron

Make Up - Boom Bip

Cuckoo Down - Isan

SW9 9SL - Fourtet

Levon - ADHD

Hide in Plain Sight - Jim James

Actors - Takuya Kuroda

The Anchor - Andrew Huang

Position - Vessels

When Love is Found - Rene Schier


Truth - Kamasi Washington

Otherwires 35

August 28, 2017

Nick and James return with a bag of treats for your bank holiday delectation! A blistering album of the month from Tatran punctuates the likes of High Plains, Gonimoblast, Noveller and the Chicago Underground Quartet. Mix this all together with a smattering of Vels Trio and Brokeback and you've got yourself a stew comin' on.



Part 1 (feat. Arve Henriksen) - Gonimoblast

Enter the Void - Rene Schier

Rachel's Song - Vangelis

Emergence - Noveller

Lucy - Astroblk

The Climb - Tatran

Wo Ist Der Kuchen, Meine Frau - Chicago Underground Quartet

Godzilla - Vels Trio

Verve - Humble Goods

Peninsula - Flughand

Fete By The River (live in London) - Binker and Moses

Lucerne Valley - Floating Points

Duncan - Matthew Bourne

Blood That Ran The Rapids - High Plains

Welcome - Wun Two

No Sides - Tatran

Single Stroke Ruffs - Xploding Plastix

Only Truth I Know - I Eat Plants For A Living

Troyka Smash - Troyka

Heavy Moss - Tatran

Old Skool - I Eat Plants For A Living

Electro Magnetic in E - Eivand Aarset

The Lure of the Mine - Colin Stetson

Mornin - Flughand

Colossus of Roads - Brokeback

Otherwires 33

June 5, 2017

More alternative wanderings from Nick and James with album of the month from Binker and Moses, as well as Do Make Say Think, Colin Stetson, Blue Lab Beats and an astounding live session from Untitled 4.

Miles Davis - Go Ahead John
Shadow - Systematic ft. Nas
Mark Pritchard - Light Bodied
Blue Lab Beats - Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye
Bing and Ruth - Chonchos
Untitled 4 LIVE IN THE STUDIO - Through the Null
Colin Stetson - All This I Do For Glory
Do Make Say Think - Return, Return Again
Binker and Moses - The Departure
Untitled 4 LIVE IN THE STUDIO - Desdemona
Binker and Moses - Through the Valley of The Ultra Blacks
Burial - Beachfires
cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two
The Radiophonic Workshop - The Stranger's House

Otherwires 32 WARP SPECIAL

May 8, 2017

All things Warp tonight as Nick and James take you on a guided tour of one of the most influential electronic music labels of all time.

Bibio - This Ain't 'bout The Feelings
Mount Kimbie ft. James Blake - We Go Home Together
Clark - Hoova
Forgemasters - Track With No Name
Speedy-J - De-Orbit
Nightmares on Wax - Scratch That
Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher
Plaid - Ti Bom
Squarepusher - Circlewave
Battles - Atlas
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam
Milanese - Iacon
Autechre - Drane
Mark Pritchard - ?
Brian Eno - Reflection
Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
Bibio - Kaini Industries (BOC Cover)
Flying Lotus - Table Tennis ft. Laura Darlington
Aphex Twin - CIRCLONT6A [141.98][syrobonkus mix]
Shobaleader One - Iambic 5 Poetry

Otherwires - 10/04/2017

April 10, 2017

Otherwires 30

March 13, 2017

A buffet of delights featuring choice cuts from Wil Bolton and Bowditch, brand new music from Do Make Say Think and The Physics House Band and an album of the month from Tenariwen.

Invocation of a Midsummer Revery - Children of Alice
Abdou Kadre - Piano Interrupted
The Railway Hotel Gents Toilet (Broken) - Bowditch
Bound and Boundless - Do Make Say Think
Hayati - Tinariwen
Abandoned Reminder - Craig Taborn
Kneel Down - Neil Cowley Trio
Round Trip (Broadway Blues) - Jaco Pastorius
Teen Town - Jaco Pastorius
Opus Pocus - Jaco Pastorius
Astral Wave - The Physics House Band
Spirit Splitter (No.54) - Mary Halvorson Octet
Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson
Tenere Taqqal - Tinariwen
The Cavalry Cross - Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy
Conch - Get The Blessing
81 - Miles Davis
Shadow - Barry Guy
Colours in Space - Explosions in The Sky
Dissolve - Wil Bolton



Otherwires 28

January 16, 2017

Otherwires gets back to it's roots tonight featuring some stellar jazz from the likes of Art Pepper, Simon Spillett and the Moses Boyd Exodus, as well as some electronic wanderings from Aris Kindt, Jaimeo Brown Transcendence and Jan Jalinek.


Album of the month comes from the always excelent Jeff Parker with his solo record Slight Freedom.


Brian Eno - Reflection
Simon Spillett - Shepherd's Serenade
Moses Boyd Exodus - Axis Blue
Andy Sheppard - They Weren't Perfect and Neither Am I
Jeff Parker - Slight Freedom (Album of the Month)
Lee Konitz - Cherokee
Evan Parker - Whitstable Solo 2
Jaimeo Brown Transcendence - Safflower
Maylight - Digits
Nubya Garcia - Buzztown Roll
Bill LeSage and The New Directions in Jazz Unit - Times Two and a Half
Bibio - St Thomas
John Coltrane - Lush Life
Jeff Parker - Mainz
Arve Henriksen - Magma Oscillator
Aris Kindt - Embers
Jan Jalinek - Moire
Art Pepper - The Trip


Otherwires 27 2016 special

December 19, 2016

Thank you 2016, you've been a character builder!


Three Trapped Tigers - Rainbow Road
Strobes - Spin
The Comet is Coming - Final Eclipse
BadBadNotGood - Confessions Pt. 2
Black Focus - Yo Chavez
Tangents - Masist Cau
Mogwai - Bitterness Centrifuge
Adam Betts - Aneek
Matthew Bourne - Horn and Velum
Shabakah and the Ancestors - Joyous
Jeff Parker - Jrifted
Nils Petter Molvaer - Maddagala
Tortoise - The Clearing Fills
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jalinek - LesLang
Sons of Kemet - Mo' Wiser
Mark Pritchard feat. Thom Yorke - Beautiful People
Beaunoise - Novem.minor
Kamasi Washington - The Rhythm Changes
Supersilent - 13.9