Library of Aethers- 28/ 06/ 2018

June 28, 2018

Here is what Diana played tonight...

Go Your Way- Anne Briggs
Nous voila bien du monde ici- Tartine De Clous
Willow Garden- Lankum
Tell my Sister- Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Absolutely Sweet Marie- Bob Dylan
Heaven Heath- Mellow Candle
Venus in Furs- The Velvet Underground
Lance Meg Waltz- Folk Songs of the Louisiana Acadians
The Back Door- D.L Menard
Rolling in the Dew- Beating Stars
The Undulating Sea- Lost Harbours
Laser beam- Low
Away with the Sun- Plantman
The Witch of Wapping- Nigel of Bermondsey
Song For Turning- Jason Steel
I Saw My Bonnie Lass- Jeannie Robertson
George Collins- Hladowski & Joynes
Classical Naubat- Prabhati
Fiselekh Fiselekh- Elenkrig's Orchestra
Gather Me- Local Church
Don't let me fall- The Dixie Hummingbirds
You Never Wanted Me- Ellen Mary McGee
I Drew My Ship- Phil Tyler ft. Sarah Hill
I'm Ragged but Right- Riley Puckett
Waiting for the Evening Mail- Riley Puckett
Blanche Comme La Neige/ Perrine Etait Servante- Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Brave Marin- Tartine De Clous
Polly Vaughan- Anne Briggs

Library Of Aethers - 31/05/2018

May 31, 2018

Diana is Joined in the studio by Men Diamler for a live session.



My Bonnie Lad - Bob Davenport and the Rakes
Holland Hankerchief - Packie Manus Byrne
Holland Hankerchief - Waterson/Carthy
The Dead Return - Oliver Cherer
Troubled Waters - Michael Hurley
Sorrow's Arrow - Sharron Kraus
I Wonder If I Care As Much - The Everley Brothers
Farewell Sorrow - Alasdair Roberts

Live Session Men Diamler

I Can't
Chipshop Brigade

Si Bheag, Si Mhor - Planxity
Down In The Ground Where The Men Go - The Pogues
Banana In My Fruit Basket - Bo Carter
We Got To Meet Death One Day - Blind Willie Mctell
Darby - brazil banks
Close To The Grave - Diamond Family Archive
Trimdon Grange Explosion - The Mekons

Live Session Men Diamler

Sagging Pets
Nobody knows

The Irish Girl Fran Foote
When we Shut Down Oliver Cherer
Tectonic Plates Bird Radio Bones& Theaft
Death Knocked at my Door Trembling Bells
Romantic Atttitude John Fitch and Associates
Burying Ground Sensational Nightingales
At First She Starts Lal Waterson

Library Of Aethers - 03/052018

May 3, 2018

Diana features the Gentle Folk song cycle Into The Greenwood. 


Hal and Tow - The Watersons
Ebenezer - Shady Mountain Ramblers
Goodbye Booze - Jack Rose and the Black Twig Pickers
Hearts Joined Together - Sharron Kraus
His Name Is Gene - M.G. Boulter
I Possibly Am Again - Circle/Temple
Someone You'd Admire - Fleet Foxes
The Shrine/An Argument - Fleet Foxes
Soldier - Richard Dawson
When The Fire And The Rose Are One - John Fahey
The Dun Broon Bride - Alasdair Roberts
Wallington - Cath and Phil Tyler
Into The Grreenwood - Gentle Folk
Mokihana - Kanes Hawaiians
Traleri - Genoese Longshoremen
Black As A Cat In The Morning - Men Diamler
The Great Silkie - Trees
A Weakness For Roses - Baby Dee




Library Of Aethers- 05/04/2018

April 5, 2018

Tonight's guest was Roy Thirlwall and the theme was agriculture. 

The Scarecrow - Lal and Mike Waterson
The Gospel Plow - Bob Dylan
The Taxes on the Farmer Feeds us All - Ry Cooder
The Farmer's Curst Wife - E.C Ball
The Farmer's Daughter - Riley Puckett and Clayton Mc Michen
Prince Heathen- The Furrow Collective
Prince Heathen- Martin Carthy

Roy Thirlwall Set- Bad News Telephone + Queen of England

A Hard Row to Hoe- A Hawk and a Hacksaw
All the Tree's of the Field will Clap their Hands- Sufjan Stevens #
Meadow- Espers
Sun Beholds Me- Hand Habits
The Ghost in You- Robyn Hitchcock
Make Out Fade Out- cavern of anti-Matter
Barleycorn- Tim Van Eyken
Rainbow- Cath and Phil Tyler
Christ's Entry into Govan- Trembling Bells
King Harvest- The Band

Roy Thirlwall Set- Secret Dog

Sheep Crook Black Dog- Rubus
Romy- Robert Sunday
The Brisk Young Ploughboy- Bob & Jim Copper
Yellow Tail- Nancy Wallace
Riley's Hen House Door- Riley Puckett

Library Of Aethers - 08/03/2018

March 8, 2018

On the show tonight Diana played some songs with a watery theme. The duo Goodnight Crow played their songs live in the studio.

Farewell to the Monty - Louis Killen
What Will We Do When We Have No Money - Lankum
The Sea Witch - John Jacob Niles
Blue's Gaen Oot O'the Fashion - Rachel Unthank & The Winterset
When The Haar Rolls In - James Yorkston
Paddy West - Timothy Walsh
River Man - Field Music
Fishermann's Blues - Taj Mahal

Goodnight Crow - live in the studio
Let No Man Steal Your Time

Jack Tar On Shore - Hobbin
Fine Silica - Emily Portman

Dirge Mirge
The Lone Pilgram - Doc Watson
The Lone Pilgrim - Anna & Elizabeth

100 Years From Now - The Byrds
The Black Twig Pickers - Jack Rose
Soldier - Richard Dawson
The Month of May - The Copper Family
Oh, My Stars - Nina Nastasia

Goodnight Crow - live in the studio
Losing of the Renown
Blackleg Miner/Tarry Trousers

The Lark in The Clear Air - Noel Pepper
E for Effort - Tumbledrier Babies
Camberwell - Polska fran Morko efter Anders Gustaf Andersson - Rob Harbour & Emma Reed
The Recruited Collier - Anne Briggs
Lapwing To Shore - Kate Waterfield & Charlie Skelton
Feu de Joie - Nick Pinn
Blackwaterside - Bert Jansch

Library Of Aethers - 08/02/2018

February 8, 2018

Tonight, guest Librarian Paul Collier played songs with a watery theme and a specially recorded session by Cable Car.

The Owl Sevice - Drive The Cold Winter Away/When a Man's In Love

Dirge Mirge
Sidney Richards - Banks of the Nile
Fotheringay - Banks of the Nile

The Kittiwakes - Hurtigruten
PJ Harvey - Big Fish, Little Fish
Circle/Temple - I Possibly Am Again
Alasdair Roberts - The Little Collier
Ry Cooder & VM Bhatt - A Meeting By The River

Martha Wainwright - Niger River
Joni Mitchell - River
Connie Converse - Father Neptune

Session - Cable Car
Artichoke Heart
Happy Sad
Your Sunrise
Chalkhill Blue

Taj Mahal - Fishing Blues
Tim Van Eyken - Fisherman
The Fall - Container Drivers
Stick In The Wheel - Champion
Trembling Bells - Wide Majestic Aire
The Pogues - The Broad Majestic Shannon
Comus - Drip Drip
Simpson Cutting Kerr - Some Old Salty
John Spiers & John Boden - Princess Royal

Library Of Aethers - January 2018

January 11, 2018

On tonight's show Diana introduced her new feature The Dirge Merge and played the following songs:

Barbry Ellen - Meg Baird, Helena Espvall & Sharron Kraus
Cath & Phil Tyler - Fathers Now Our Meeting Is Over
Almeda Riddle - Lonesome Dove
Neal Morris - Turnip Greens

The Dirge Merge (with thanks to Daryl Easlea)
The Young Tradition - The Lyke Wake Dirge
Alasdair Roberts - A Lyke Wake Dirge

Daniel Higgs - O Come and Walk Along
Magnetic Fields - Papa Was A Rodeo
Blind Willie Davis - Rock of Ages
Low - Lazer Beam
Alex Rex - The Gift of Weeping
Cunning Folk - The Old Straight Track
The Doomed Bird of Providence - Track 4 from the album Burrowed Into The Soft Sky
Jim Gheidi - Sweet Life To Give Away
Richard Thompson - Meet on The Ledge
The Gentle Good - Antiffoni
Davy Graham - Sunshine Raga
Bare Bones - Moon Phase 1
Dr Nico - Mokili Ya Nzambe
Rachel Unthank & The Winterset - Sea Song

The Dirge Merge no.2
Darren Haymen - Bold Astrologer
Royston & Heather Wood - Bold Astrologer

The Copper Family - Good Ale
The Lilly Brothers - Weeping Willow
Sleaford Mods - In Quiet Streets
Robert Sunday - Rocking Horse
Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine -The Lads o' the Fair/Leith Docks

Library Of Aethers - November 2017

November 16, 2017

Tonight Diana played the following songs and the wonderful Nancy Wallace played live in studio.

June Tabor - The Easter Tree
Memory Band - Mad Love and the Bee
The Trysting Tree - Midnight House
Emerald Hill - The Dance of Molly
Rob Harbron & Emma Reid - Da Unst Bridal March
Crafting For Foes - Master Kilby
Kathleen Ferrier - O Waly, Waly
Martin Simpson - Dives and Lazurus
Hladdowski & Joynes - The Pretty Ploughboy

Nancy Wallace - live in the studio
Walking into Walls

Marry Waterson - Death Has Had Quicker Wings Than Love
Joan Shelley - Stay on My Shore
Joseph Spence - Oh, How I Love Jesus
Son House - John the Revelator
Fiddlin' John Carson & Moonshine Kate - Gonna Swing on the Golden Gate
The Golden Gate Quartet - Jezebel
Norma Waterson - Ain't No Man Worth The Salt of My Tears (radio edit)
James Blackshaw - Running To The Ghost
Black Ox Orkestar - Az Vet Dem Tatn
The Rustavi Choir - Tshkenosnuri

Nancy Wallace - live in the studio
Restless Skylines

Lily Bros. - Weeping Willow Tree
The Blue Sky Boys - Beautiful Brown Eyes
Tom Burgess - The Butcher Boy
The Plan - The Tower Block
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Prince Heathen

The Library of Aethers - Tom Paley Special

October 19, 2017

Tonight Diana played songs by Tom Paley and associated artists:

Tom Paley - Roll On Roll On
Lal & Mike Waterson - To make you stay
Paddy Tunney - What Put the Blood?
Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me
Bert Jansch - Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning
Ghazal - Pari Mahai
Bare Bones - Phase 4
Lost Harbours - Lake
Darren Hayman -Be Lonely
The Fleet Foxes - Mykonos
James Yorkston - Queen of Spain
Stick In The Wheel - Four Loom Weaver
Walter Pardon - The Bold Fisherman
The Young Tradition - Byker Hill

Tom Paley Tribute
The New Lost City Ramblers - Didn't He Ramble
Ry Cooder - Bourgeois Blues
The New Lost City Ramblers - George Collins
Leadbelly - Midnight Special
Bob Dylan - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Woody Guthrie - Vigilante Man

Robert Sunday - I Am So Tired Of Sighing Oh Lord Let It Be Night
Hold Music - Annabel
Bird Radio/Bones & The Aft - The Baton Factory (Faversham)
P.G. Six - Come In The Winter Is Past
Tom Paley - Little Birdie

Library of Aethers 21/09/17

September 21, 2017

Tonight's guest host is Emma from the Culture as a Dare show and she doesn't manage to hide it very well. 


Big Blood - She - wander(er)

Jane Weaver Septieme Soeur - Whispers of Winter

Ernst Pfandler - Zauerli Sung in the Inn

Di Naye Kapelye and the Tecsoi Banda

Jim Nollman - Froggy Went a- Courting (300 Turkeys)

Redvers Bailey - Young Romance

Hamo Hassan Ra'Sho, Mohammed Ahmed Ra'sho, Hussein Mohammed Ra'Sho - Mawal Wa Raqsa

Pamela Wyn Shannon - The Bee-Boy's Song

Giuwan Suliaman - Live at Leigh Folk Festival

Ed Dowie - David is Unwell

Alex Harvey - I love Monsters Too

Kemper Norton - Black Silk

Richard There - Axolotl

Lebah, Leader - Gambang Suling (extract)

Alix Dobkin - Living with Lesbians

Lost Harbours - Black is the Colour

Anatoli Kuular - Borbangnadyr with Steam Water

Davey Dodds - Storm Cat Song

Dalla - Anthony Payne

Adrian Lane - Count the Tides

Baluji Shrivastav - Sleep, Queen of the Dolls

Ladysmith Black Mamboza - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Autumn Moon