WeirdGear Radio Show - 10/03/2019

March 10, 2019

WeirdGear Radio Show is 6 years old!! 


1) The Go! Team - Mayday (B)
2) Nilsson - Gotta Get Up (L)
3) Friendly Fires - Heaven Let Me In (B)
4) Mild High Club - Skiptracing (L)

5) The Prodigy - We Live Forever (B)
6) Matt Berry - Lord Above (Matt Berry Meets Thomas Walsh) (L)
7) Public Service Broadcasting - White Star Liner (B)
8) The Millenium - To Claudia on Thursday (L)

9) Foals - On The Luna (B)
10) The Tumbledryer Babies - No Faith in The Material (L)
11) Mogwai - Coolverine (B)
12) Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room (L)

13) DJ Koze Feat Roisin Murphy - Illumination (B)
14) Super Furry Animals - [a] Touch Sensitive (L)
15) Orbital - Vision One (B)

16) Pusha T - If You Know You Know (B)
17) Tony Randall - You Remind Me So Much of My Mother That You Stole My Heart Away (L)
18) The Chemical Brothers - Got To Keep On (B)

19) The Joy Formidable - Dance of the Lotus (B)
20) The Rotary Connection - Let Them Talk (L)
21) Stereolab - Orgiastic (B)
22) Parliament - Do That Stuff (L)

23) Broken Social Scene - Half Way Home (B)
24) Graeme Miller & Steve Shill - Theme from Moomins (L)

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Gangster Story
Riz Ortolani - I Travestiti
Gianni Ferrio - La Gabbia
Gianni Ferrio - Ira Rhythm & Blues
Augusto Martelli - Mood
Gianni Ferrio - La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte
Augusto Martelli - One Fine Morning
Riz Ortolani - Notte Al Grand Hotel
Stelvio Cipriani - Mark II Poliziotto
Armando Trovajoli - I Giovani Benvenuti
Riz Ortolani - Il Ricordo Di Serena
Riz Ortolani - Serena E Lomunno
Gianfranco Plenizio - Grigioperla

WeirdGear Radio Show - 10/02/2019

February 10, 2019

Tonight's special guest was Ian Pope. Great times

1) The Turtles - Food (L)
2) Souls - Satisfied (B)
3) Magnus International - A Man Called Anthony (L)
4) Alex Metric & Ten Ven - The Q (B)
5) KAYTRANADA (Feat. River Tiber) - Vivid Dreams (L)

6) Kano - My Sound (B)
7) Andrew Weatherall - Selective Walking (L)
8) Black Strobe - Boogie in Zero Gravity (B)
9) John Wizards - Tek Lek Schrempf (L)

10) Free*Land - Fear Is The Mindkiller (B)
11) Meridian Brothers - Salsa Caliente (Version Aumentada) (L)

- Wo Ist Wulff Featurette

12) The Turtles - The Last Thing I Remember (L)
13) Jose Gonzales - Far Away (B)

14) Rat Boy - Get Over It (B)
15) Love - Hey Joe (L)
16) Popol Vuh - Venus Principle (IP)

- Fast Answers from the Non Binary Bog Featurette with Ian Pope

17) DMA's - Play It Out (B)
18) The Beach Boys - Funky Pretty (L)
19) Faust - It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (IP)

20) Sniff 'N' The Tears - Driver's Seat (B)
21) The Babe Rainbow - Johny Says Stay Cool (L)
22) Can - Father Cannot Yell (IP)

23) The Soft Pack - Answer To Yourself (B)
24) David Arvedon - Eliot Ness (L)
25) Amon Duul II - Archangels Thunderbird (IP)


Cath Baxter - Whispers
Keith Mansfield - Blockbuster
Irving Martin & Brian Dee - Deadline Destination
Sven Libaek - Misty Canyon
Paul Dupont & son Orchestra - Rainbow Bridge
Roger Roger - Safari Park
Brian Bennett - Discovery
Eddie Warner - Crazy Fiddles
Paul Guiot, Paul Piot - Poivre, Piments & Pin-Up
Glenn Keiles - Ibhadi (Small Deer)
Pierre Dutour Et Son Orchestra - Following You
Malasek & Basant - Erotica 1
Les Prospection - Casing
Mark Duval Big Band - The Race Machine
Nino Nardini - Afro-Beat / Afro-Synth (edit)
Johnny Hawksworth - Rhythm Maker
Jean-Claude Petit Et Son Orchestra - Psychedelic Portrait
Al Newman - Five Plus Four
Irving Martin & Brian Dee - Indianapolis 2

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WeirdBazaar with WeirdGear & Harbour Bazaar 13.01.19

January 13, 2019

Show combinations are the future!! Steven Hastings and and Owen Hill from Harbour Bazaar and Weekender came into join a split show this month with WeirdGear.

Much fun, a quiz and loads of great music.

Steven Hastings (S) lifted the tent flap of the Harbour Bazaar (1st Sunday of Month or Podcasts) to feature Velvet Underground and it's influences and spin-offs.

Owen Hill gave us Stats and Facts followed by his Weekender show (available on podcasts or live after Harbour Bazaar).

Paul Barlow (B) brought a tribute playlist to Jean Barlow and Lee Maher (L) brought a selection of 2018 albums he'd bought and a TV Themes quiz.

Here's what we played:

1) The Supremes - You Keep Me Hanging On (B)
2) Superorganism - Everybody Wants to Be Famous (L)
3) Freddie King - Going Down (S)
4) The Four Tops - The Same Old Song (B)
5) Idles - Great (L)
6) The Velvet Underground - What Goes On (S)
7) The Faces - Miss Judy's Farm (B)
8) Gruff Rhys - Oh Dear! (L)
9) John Cale - Paris 1919 (S)

- Lee's TV Quiz Game

10) Marc Bolan - Cosmic Dancer (B)
11) Bad Sounds - Wages (L)
12) Mick Jagger - Memo for Turner (S)

- Owen Hill Stats and Facts

13) Hangedup & Tony Conrad - Transit of Venus (S)
14) David Bowie - Queen Bitch (B)
15) B.E.D - How Do You Make Me Feel (L)
16) Kings of Leon - Wasted Time (B)
17) Django Django - TicTacToe (L)
18) The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For My Man (S)


Matt Berry - Television Themes LP (Acid Jazz 2018)

- Are You Being Served

- The Good Life
- Top of The Pops
- Picture Box
- The Liver Birds
- Thames Television
- Rainbow
- Doctor Who
- Wildtrak
- World In Action
- Sorry
- Open University

Ship Full of Bombs has been running for nearly 6 years, free to all listeners and DJ's. Times are changing and we need to raise a bit of cash to keep the station afloat. Donate what you can each month - we will love you for it, well some of us will. 

The 1974 Show & Weird Gear Christmas Special - 21.12.18

December 21, 2018

Tonight on the show Ian Pope and special guest Lee Maher played a eclectic mix of songs including Christmas favourites, party songs and Todd Rundgren. The playlist includes -

Mike Oldfield - In Dulce Jubilo

Steeleye Span - Gaudete
Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas
Chris Squire & Alan White - Run With The Fox
Jethro Tull - Christmas Song

Sparks - Amateur Hour
John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Through The Night
Bill Wyman - I Wanna Get Me A Gun
Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

The Resurrection Shuffle - Gardner, Ashton & Dyke
Jobriath - Sister Sue
Alice Cooper - Hello Hooray
Railroad Gin - A Matter of Time

Brian Eno - The True Wheel
David Bowie - The Jean Genie
Cluster - Caramel
The Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)

Free - Wishing Well
Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information
The Who - Baba O'Riley
Todd Rundgren - The Spark of Life

Lindisfarne - Meet Me On The Corner
Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You
The Faces - Ooh La La

Kate Bush - December Will Be Magic Again
Jethro Tull - Ring Out Solstice Bells

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WeirdGear Radio Show - 11/11/2018

November 11, 2018

Lee goes it alone again or... with musical consequences

All going smoooth FM till deck 1 broke playing 70s Disco. Here’s what Lee played with his [adult/wands] hat back on again.

Muzak Track 1 - Mike and Rich 

Small Faces - Ogdens Nut Gone Flake

Blossom Toes - Mister Watchmaker

Aquarian Age - 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box

The Holy Mackerel - Wild Flowers

Muzak Track 2 - Mike and Rich

White Lies - To Lose My Life

Autolux - To Change My Head

The Ramones - Judy Is A Punk

Nine Pound Shadow - Melody

Muzak Track 3 - Mike and Rich

Gino Soccio - Dancer (12” version)

The Spinners - Rubberband Man (12” version)

Stargard - Wear It Out (12” version) 

  • boiked cd deck - 

Muzak Track 4 - Mike and Rich

Meridian Brothers - Salsa Del Zombie

The Beastie Boys - Eugene’s Lament

Mopedbart - Hubbabubbaklub (Olefunken Autostrada Mix)

Parker Lewis - Coming Up For Air

Stephen Malkmus - Kindling for the Master (Hot Chip Remix)

James Holden - Blackpool Late Eighties

Lindstrøm - Spire

Kaytranda - Uno

The Beach Boys - Mt Vernon and Fairway: A Fairytale in Several Parts (Full EP)

The Mutato Muzika Orchestra - Hey Jude

Back Sunday 9th December with the Christmas Office Party


Ship Full of Bombs has been running for nearly 6 years, free to all listeners and DJ's. Times are changing and we need to raise a bit of cash to keep the station afloat. Donate what you can each month - we will love you for it, well some of us will. 

WeirdGear Radio Show 14/10/18 | Earworms (first broadcast on 13/10/13)

October 14, 2018

Here's one from the archive for this month's show. 

This was first broadcast on 13th October 2013; we took musical Earmworms to a new level and played nothing but for 2 hours.

The bonhomie in the room was tremendous for infecting each others' minds with the Earworms; also audience participation was totally on point too.

The show sadly never made it to PodBean or iTunes... until now!!


Noodlegrubs mix (LM)
1. Tony Hymas - Mr Men Theme
2. The Money Go Round - Endless Sun
3. Fabienne Delsol - When My Mind Is Not Live
4. Klaus Johann Grobe - Koordinaten
5. R.Stevie Moore - I Like To Stay Home

Wolfe VU Cornerworms (PW)
6. The Velvet Underground - I Can't Stand It
7. Atom Heart & Pink Elln - ?track unknown?
8. Stump - Charlton Heston
9. Landscape - Einstein A Go-Go
10. The Banana Splits - Tra-La-La Song
11. Johnny Hawksworth - Roobarb Theme

Barlows' Personal Earworms mix (PB)
12. Maps - You Don't Know Her Name
13. Soulwax - NY Excuse
14. Lali Puna - Left Handed

Every One Is An Earworm mix (LM)
15. Michael Staniforth - Rentaghost Theme
16. The Kinks - David Watts (thx Damien Robinson!)
17. David Bowie - Modern Love
18. The Vapors - Turning Japanese (thx Tristan Bishop)
19. Wayne Hill - Left Bank Two

Little Bit More Earwormy mix (PW)
20. Soulyard - Pigeon Street
21. Sabres of Paradise - Wilmot (Lord Scruffage Mix)
22. The Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection (Jon Carter Remix)
23. Dave Roylance - Shake and Vac
24. Laurie Johnson - The New Avengers
25. Bob James - Theme from Taxi

Barlows' Rawksooot mix (PB)
26. Foo Fighters - The Last Song
27. Status Quo - Down Down
28. Arctic Monkeys - From Ritz To The Rubble

Synthetic Infections mix (LM)
29. Ronnie Hazlehurst - Some Mothers' Do Ave Em (thx Andrew Moore)
30. Apparat Organ Quartet - Pólýnesía
31. Gyratory System - Harmonograph
32. Syclops - Where's Jason K

Wolfe's Cloudy Owls mix (PW)
33. Freddue Philips - Trumpton Theme
34. Cloud & Owl - R.A.W.
35. Brian Eno - Just Another Day
36. Dudley Simpson - Blakes7 Theme
37. Aphex Twin - On
38. Nathan Fake - You Are Here

Last Knockings Mix (LM)
39. Alan Hawksworth - Chicken Man (Grange Hill Theme)
40. Donna Summer - I'm Coming Out
41. Bow Wow Wow - Go Wild In The Country
42. Antony Newley & Leslie Bricusse - Oompa Loompa
43. Simon & Garfunkel - The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
44. Peter Davison & Sandra Dickinson - Button Moon Theme

WeirdGear Radio Show - 09/09/2018

September 9, 2018

Mature Themes. Hip Hop from Barlow, Feature LPs (all debuts too) from Lee. Minus Wolfe


1) The Prince & The Paupers - Exit (L)

2) Dj Format feat. Jurassic 5 - We Know Something You Don't Know (B)

3) Jean-Jacques Perrey - E.V.A. (L)

4) The Pharcyde - Runnin (B)

5) The Babe Rainbow - Monky Disco (L)

6) Queen Latifah & Monie Love - Ladies First (B)

7) Superorganism - It's All Good (L) (FEATURE ALBUM)

8) A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (B)

9) Dangerdoom - Sofa King (L) (FEATURE ALBUM)

10) Snoop Dogg - Nuthin But a G Thang (B)

11) Django Django - Skies Over Cairo (FEATURE ALBUM)

12) Smoove - I'm A Man (B)

13) Django Django - WOR (L) (FEATURE ALBUM)

14) Young MC - Bust A Move (B)

15) Dangerdoom - Old School Rules (L) (FEATURE ALBUM)

16) De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturday (B)

17) Superorganism - The Prawn Song (L) (FEATURE ALBUM)

18) Lezser - Pump Ya Fist (Professor Remix) (B)

19) Daedulus - Raindrops (L)

20) MF Doom - Doomsday (B)

21) ZHU & Tame Impala - My Life (Blond:ish Remix) (L)

22) Hijack - Hijack The Terrorist (B)

23) Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm (L)

24) Melvin van Peebles - Hoppin John (B)

25) Medlar & MSSS - Baby Gone Batshit (L)



1) Atmospheres - The Fickle Chicken
2) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Horseback
3) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Claudja
4) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Naa Er Druene Paa Sitt Beste
5) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - En Dag I Mai
6) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Sykkelsesong
7) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Feel Am
8) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Suppegjøk
9) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Foreløpig Bit
10) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Tempo Tempo
11) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Boney M Down (Alternative Version)
12) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Feel PM
13) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Vrang Og Vanskelig
14) Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Claudio


Ship Full of Bombs has been running for nearly 6 years, free to all listeners and DJ's. Times are changing and we need to raise a bit of cash to keep the station afloat. Donate what you can each month - we will love you for it, well some of us will. 

WeirdGear Radio Show - 12/08/2018

August 12, 2018

BEEF! Show was choc full of soapy stuff and music things. And chat. Without filters

1) The Beta Band - Human Being (B)
2) Coldcut feat Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On (W)
3) Sammy Davis Jr - Keep Your Eye on The Sparrow (L)
4) King Kurtis - Memphis Soul Stew (B)
5) The Kingsmen - Louie Louie (W)
6) Bob Dylan - Wigwam (L)
7) Donald Byrd - (Fallin' Like) Dominoes (L)
8) Public Service Broadcasting - Roygbiv (B)
9) Subject:2 - Rubber Made (W)
10) Velvet Underground - Rock and Roll (Gigamesh Edit) (B)
11) Cornershop - Trip Easy (W)
12) Super Furry Animals - Back on a Roll (L)
13) Wolf and Cub - I Need More (B)
14) Joe Tex - I Ain't Gonna Bump No More (W)
15) Quincy Jones - Stuff Like That (L)
16) Asobi Seksu - Me and Mary (B)
17) Saint Etienne - You're In A Bad Way (W)
18) Spiritualized - Electricity (L)
19) Primal Scream - Kill All Hippies (B)
20) Subject:2 - Scraps and Bones (W)
21) Yuksek - I Don't Have A Drum Machine (L)
22) Petit Mellor - Baby Love (B)
23) The Safaris - Wipeout (W)
24) POLO & PAN - Tresor (L)

Mezzaforte - Catching Up with Mezzaforte (W)

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WeirdGear Radio Show - 08/07/2018

July 8, 2018

On this episode of The WeirdGear Radio Show Lee goes solo and brings a 2 hour mix of sunset vibes in his [Adult/Wands] guise.

One for the beach, the park or just a nice sunny ride.

Orbital - Semi-Detached
Sun Palace - Movement II (Reconstruction)
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Dust
The Blow Monkeys - Passionara
Jonathan Gibbs - Houdini's Musical Box
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (The Paradise Version)
Kindness - Swingin' Party
Public Service Broadcasting - Go!
Durutti Column - Otis
Massive Attack - Weather Storm (Cool Monsoon - Mad Professor Mix)
The Residents - Kaw-Liga (Prairie Mix)
Mistral - Starship 109
Nicolas Jaar - Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust
Brian Eno - Discreet Music
CFCF - Exercise 1 (Entry)
The Orb - Outlands (Fountains of Elisha Mix)
The Beach Boys - Don't Go Near The Water
Axel Boman - In The Dust of This Planet
Black Dog Productions (Xeper) - Carceres Ex Novum
The Orb - Spanish Castles In Space
Paddy Kingsland - A Whisper From Space 

WeirdGear Radio Show - 10/06/2018

June 10, 2018

A World Cup. If it was songs as countries.

England won; in Barlow's head. And we drunk Mamma Juana 

Mr Wolfe drunk more of those than all of us. Only as the other two were driving!

Here's what was played: -

1) Shame - One Rizla (Barlow for Morocco)
2) Claes-Göran Fagerstedt Trio - Stone Free (Lee for Sweden)
3) Rolf Harris - If I Were a Rich Man (Wolfe for Australia)
Winner = Sweden
*pause for group Mamma Juana Shot*

4) Pnau - Baby [La Felix Remix] (Lee for France)
5) Idles - Colossus (Barlow for Islamic Republic of Iran)
6) Lasgo - Something (Wolfe for Costa Rica)
Winner = France

5) Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Wolfe for Russia)
6) Topia - I Saw You Yesterday (Barlow for South Korea)
7) Simian Mobile Disco (Lee for Colombia)
Winner = Colombia
*pause for Wolfe Mamma Juana Shot*

8) Lone - Airglow Fires (Lee for Serbia)
9) Goldfrapp - Strict Machine [Benny Benassi Remix] (Wolfe for Spain)
*a Wolfe Mamma Juana moment*
10) QTY - Rodeo (Barlow for Mexico)
Winner = Spain
*pause for Wolfe Mamma Juana Shot*

11) Pom Poco - It's A Trap (Barlow for Japan)
12) Maurice Joshua - I Gotta Big Dick (Lee for Brazil)
13) Joey Beltram - Slice [Carl Cox Remix] (Wolfe for Belgium)
Winner = Brazil

14) DJ Jean - The Launch (Wolfe for Germany)
15) Mogadishu - Shades and Rays (Barlow for Senegal?)
16) Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity (Lee for Argentina)
Winner = Germany

17) Todd Terje - Ragysh (Lee for Saudi Arabia)
18) Goat - Let it Burn (Barlow for Engerland)
19) LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations [Tiga's Out of The Trance Closet Mix] (Wolfe for
Winner = Engerland

OVERALL WINNER = Football, those not picked and say it quietly (maybe England? hope springs..)

Muzak (Lee)

Sam Fonteyn - Pop Looks Bach
Cyril Stapelton - The Power Game Theme
Cyril Stapelton - Department S Theme
Tony Hatch - The Champions Theme
Laurie Johnson - The New Avengers Theme
Don Harper's Homo Electronicus - World of Sport Theme
Tony Hatch - Sportsnight Theme
Johnny Keating - Z Cars Theme
Eric Winstone - Dr Who Theme
Cyril Stapelton - The Forsyte Saga Theme
The Saint Orchestra - Return of the Saint Theme
Laurie Johnson - The Professionals Theme
The Doug Wood Band - Drag Racer
Waldo De Los Rios - Mozart's a Musical Joke
Skeewiff - Mischievous Mungo
Barry Gray - The Mysterons Theme
Barry Gray - Aqua Marina Theme
Barry Gray - Stingray Theme
Barry Gray - Joe 90 Theme
Barry Gray - The Mysterons Theme
Barry Gray - Captain Scarlet Theme
The Flee Rekkers - Fireball XL5
Barry Gray - Thunderbirds Theme

Back on Sunday July 8th 7-9pm