Valhalla Shakedown 01/12/16

December 1, 2016

The Valhalla Boys had the show of their lives.... there was live music from LONGY.... and some from LINNEN, Mouths were held open, there was some dribbling, a vist from Lady Gaff of Music Gaff and a Badger came like a thief in the night. Listen back to the show that will make your dreams come true.


Peace x

Valhalla Shakedown 03/11/16

November 3, 2016

These boys found some wasabi peas on the decks... and some sparkly pants on the floor, that sums up the music and conversation of tonight's Valhalla Shakedown. We're as weird as punch.

Valhalla Shakedown 6/10/16

October 6, 2016

The Valhalla Boys (Ben, Adam and Jake) were as witty as your wittiest pub quiz team names. Listen back to the show from the Essex Sea-men giving you things only dreams are made of. 

Valhalla Shakedown

September 6, 2016

This show is as weird as what you'll find in your kitchen drawer! listen back to Ben, Adam and Jake for a good old Valhalla Shakedown. 

Ben and Jake

August 24, 2016

Join Ship Full Of Bombs new boys Ben and Jake for some great music and fun and find out just how many hairs Jake can pull out of Ben's chest.