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The Dunce Confederacy 03/03/2018

The Dunce Confederacy 03/03/2018

March 5, 2018

Just Tom and Brendan tonight.

Johnny Kwango - The Bevis Frond (Tom)
How To Fight Loneliness - Wilco (Tom)
Walker - Pete Astor (Tom)

Tales Of The Unexpected - David Moore (Brendan)
The Guard Attacks - Chavez (Brendan)
Up The Nest - Bilge Pump (Brendan)
Heavy Business - Magic Dirt (Brendan)
Miami Vice Theme - David Moore (Brendan)

Darling - Real Estate (Tom)
Red Moon - The Holydrug Couple (Tom)
Rounding Out - The Paperhead (Tom)

Stone In - Guru Guru (Brendan)
Up The Junction - Squeeze (Brendan)
My World Fell Down - Sagittarius (Brendan)

Into The Darkness - Ultimate Painting (Tom)
Nameless Faceless - Courtney Barnett (Tom)
Know Your Minute - Woods (Tom)

Sugar, Sugar - The Archies (Brendan)
Goody Goody Gum Drops - 1910 Fruit Gum Company (Brendan)
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy - Ohio Express (Brendan)
Porpoise Song - The Monkees (Brendan)
I Can't Explain - The Who (Brendan)

Morning Star - Cass McCombs (Tom)
A.M. 180 - Granddaddy (Tom)
Bill Is Dead - The Fall (Tom)
World Shut Your Mouth - Julian Cope (Tom)

Rain Of Crystal Spires - Felt (Brendan)
Navidad - Rizos (Brendan)
Our Boys Will Shine Tonight- Chavez (Brendan)

Kylie's Got A Crush - BMX Bandits (Tom)




The Dunce Confederacy 05/02/2018

The Dunce Confederacy 05/02/2018

February 5, 2018

Micky is risen. 


Rickity - Yo La Tengo (Tom)
Sugar For The Pill - Slowdive (Tom)
Blindspot - Ghost Music (Tom)

White Light, White Heat - Velvet Underground (Brendan)
Dino - Harmonia (Brendan)
My Friend Goo - Sonic Youth (Brendan)
In And Out Of Grace - Mudhoney (Brendan)

English Scheme - The Fall (Micky)
New Face In Hell - The Fall
The Drover - Bill Callaghan (Micky)

Springboard - Famous Times (Tom)
Till Something Better Comes Along - The Rockingbirds (Tom)
Every Beat of My Heart - Danny & The Champions of the World

Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em Theme - Ronnie Hazelhurst (Brendan)
Junior - Motor Cycle (Brendan)
Friends In Danger - Magic Dirt (Brendan)
Monster Pussy - Vaselines (Brendan)

Elastic Seal - Duds (Micky)
Tragedy - The Bats (Micky)
Baker Street - Mr Yolk (Micky)

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Flaming Lips (feat Miley Cyrus) (Tom)
Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kites - The Beatles (Tom)
A Day In The Life - The Fall (Tom)

Balamory Theme (Brendan)
Soft In The Face - Soup Dragons (Brendan)
Orbling - Scatter (Brendan)

Philosophy Of The World - The Shaggs (Micky)
La la Love You - Pixies (Micky)

The Dunce Confederacy - 16/10/17 - with Tom Burgess and Brendan O’Hare

The Dunce Confederacy - 16/10/17 - with Tom Burgess and Brendan O’Hare

October 16, 2017

No Andrew this month so Tom and Brendan had more records top play. 

Pink Moon - Nick Drake (Tom)
Fire and Wine - Anne Briggs (Tom)
Pretty Polly - Shirley Collins (Tom)

Tell Me What To Do - Tumbledryer Babies (Tom)
Free Again - Benjamin Gibhard (Tom)
Ear Worm Song - Clint Boon Experience (Tom)

Gonna Make You A Star - David Essex (Brendan)
Xanadu - Electric Light Orchestra and Olivia Newton-John (Brendan)
Rockin' Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Around The Christmas Tree - Foghorn Leghorn (Brendan)

Birth School Work death - The Godfathers (Brendan)
Witchi Ta To - Harpers Bazaar (Brendan)
Innuit - Holy Fuck (Brendan)

Famous Times - Springboard (Tom)
The Lord By The Northern Sea - Tom Paley (Tom)
I Like Winter - The Rockingbirds (Tom)

Being Boiled - Human League (Brendan)
Railway Hotel - Mike Batt (Brendan)
Dreamer - Supertramp (Brendan)

Dressed Up In You - God Help The Girl (Tom)
Disco Light (Demo) - Teenage Fanclub (Tom)
Tom Courtenay - Yo La Tengo (Tom)

Free Falling - Moog Cookbook (Brendan)
Sowing Seeds - Jesus And Mary Chain (Brendan)
cheksea Dagger - The Fratellis (Brendan)

Bela Lugosi - Severed Limb (Tom)
Beer Gynt - Tuppney Bunters (Tom)
To Heaven And Back - Baby In Vain (Tom)

Don't Point At The Stoners - Deathray Davis (Brendan)
Shampoo - Durr (Brendan)

Fast And Dangerous - Iron Bastards (Tom)



The Dunce Confederacy with Andrew Moore and Brendan O’Hare

The Dunce Confederacy with Andrew Moore and Brendan O’Hare

September 20, 2017

With Tom away Andrew and Brendan can play. 



Rock This Town - Daniel Johnston
Put Your Number In My Phone - Ariel Pink
Kaiser - Gibby Hains and his Problem


Declaration - Felt
Drink Ombongo - Go Kart Mozart
Sheer Profundity - Motorcycle
A Saucer - Ivor Cutler
Quick Joey Small - Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus


Canvey Island - British Sea Power
Everybody Loves You - Melodiegroup
See No Evil - Television


Deutscher Girls - Adam and the Ants
Baby Lemonade - Syd Barrett
Beverley Hills - Weezer
We're Gonna Have Real Good Time Together - Velvet Underground


Super Duper Rescues Heads! - Deerhoof
Another Day Slips Away - R Stevie Moore
Mountain Trip To Japan, 1959 - Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players


Who?- Brian Jonestown Massacre
Wait For Evolution - De Statt
Cars - Gary Numan
Rock n Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter


I'm Standing In A Trash Can (Thinking About You) - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Punk Rock Enough For Me - Billy Childish
Turn Blue - Iggy Pop


Pass The Ball Jim - Ivor Cutler
Jesus Was Way Cool - King Missile
Michael Jackson, Child Toucher - Macrocosmica


Don't Give Up On Us Baby - David Soul






The Dunce Confederacy with Tom Burgess, Andrew Moore and Brendan O’Hare

The Dunce Confederacy with Tom Burgess, Andrew Moore and Brendan O’Hare

August 21, 2017

Micky Denny a life remembered. 



Orange Juice - Govier (Z Tapes)
Baby I'm A Dinosaur - The Hillmisters
He'd Be A Diamond - Teenage Fanclub


Chord Organ Blues - Daniel Johnston
Sexx Laws - Beck
Destroyed By Hippy Powers - Car Seat Headrest


The Static God - Thee Oh Sees


Canyons Of My Mind - Bonzo Dog Doodah Band
Ah, I See - De Statt
Nanny In Manhatten - The Lily


Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party - Courtney Barnett
Freaking Out - Graham Coxon
He Did It - The Detroit Cobras


Real Death - Mount Eeerie
Through Being Cool - Devo
Watermelons - The Lovely Eggs


The Last Angst - Tabasco Fiasco
Artex Hat - The Brendan O'Hare


Ozma - Shannon & The Clams
Stoned & Starving - Parquet Courts
Don't Lie - The Mantles


St Elmo's Fire - Brian Eno
Be Okay - Deep Throat Choir
Plateau - Maet Puppets


Male Stripper - Man To Man Meets Man Parish
Vegetarian Restaurant - Abberfeldy
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - Middle Of The Road


Rooftops - The Bats
Cave Song - Sea Ghost (Z Tapes)
Premonition Dragon - Happy Hooves

The Micky Moment


Rah Rah Rasputin - Boney M

The Dunce Confederacy 24/07/2017 with Tom Burgess, Andrew Moore and Brendan O’Hare

The Dunce Confederacy 24/07/2017 with Tom Burgess, Andrew Moore and Brendan O’Hare

July 24, 2017

He was my sonic soldier and I want to dip him in my musical egg - Micky Denny Remembered. 


I Want To Tell You About What I Want - Robyn Hitchcock (Tom)
The Councillor - Pog (Tom)
Post Office Girl - Darren Hayman (Tom)

Yellow Brick Road - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band (Andrew)
I H8 Ppl - R. Stevie Moore (Andrew)
Heathen Child - Grinderman (Andrew)

Ash and Earth - Velvet Crush (Brendan)
Rend It - Fugazi (Brendan)
Sun Child - Motopsycho (Brendan)

L'Voyage de Penelope - Air (Tom)
Carry The Sun - Selector Dub Narcotic (Tom)
Woke Up This Morning - Alabama 3 (Tom)

Sister Midnight - Iggy Pop (Andrew)
Sweat Loaf - Butthole Surfers (Andrew)
I Wanna Make A Movie - Jad Fair and Kramer (Andrew)

Catholic Block - Sonic Youth (Brendan)
Ah I See - De Staat (Brendan)
Junk Girls With Wet Hair- The Virgo Intacta (Brendan)

Sugar For The Pill - Slowdive (Tom)
Shadow - It Hugs Back (Tom)
Sad Eyes - The Hillmisters (Tom)

Denny's Mucky Memorial Sandwich

If - Telly Savalas (Andrew)
I Love You Love Me Love - Gary Glitter (Andrew)

Don's Gone Columbia - Teenage Fanclub (Brendan)

You Ain't Living - The Severed Limb (Tom)
Oh Girl - Cowbell (Tom)
North Cackalackey Girl - Reigning Sound (Tom)

We R In Control - Neil Young (Andrew)
Whip It - Devo (Andrew)
Needles And Pins - The Searchers (Andrew)



The Dunce Confederacy with Tom Burgess, Micky Denny and guest Brendan O’Hare

The Dunce Confederacy with Tom Burgess, Micky Denny and guest Brendan O’Hare

June 26, 2017

All characterisations written and devised by Mark Lancaster.


The Dunce Confederacy starred :


Tom Burgess as Hungover Englishman #1

Micky Denny as Hungover Englishman #2


and introducing Brendan O'Hare as Supercillious Scotsman. 


Any resemblence to people living or dead is purely coincidental.


All songs chosen by the cast.


Pink Cadillac - Calvin Johnson (Tom)
Rooftops - The Bats (Tom)

Wicky Wacky - The Fatback Band (Micky)
I Almost Prayed - The Weather Prophets (Micky)
The Street - Chico Hamilton (Micky)

Clay Bodies - Zola Jesus (Tom)
Tooth Decay - Mark Wynn (Tom)
Caroline - Bone Zeno (Tom)

Problem Child - TYhe Damned (Micky)
Night Water - MG Boulter (Micky)
Rocket USA - Suicide (Micky)

Shades Of Failure - Pog (Tom)
Winter Makes Me Want You More - Darren Hayman (Tom)
Tell Me What To Do - Tumbledryer Babies (Tom)

Nineteenth Century Man - Can (Micky)
It Don't Bother Me - Bert Jansch (Micky)
She Bought A Hat Like Princess Maria - The Kinks (Micky)

Springboard - Famous Times (Tom)
Back In The Night - The Wave Pictures (Tom)
Don't Look Back (Acoustic Version) - Teenage Fanclub (Tom)

Tragedy - The Bats (Micky)
I'm Alright With You - The Pastels (Micky)
Crazy Rhythms - The Feelies (Micky)

Jesusfreaks - Baby In Vain (Tom)
My Big Star - Boyfriend (Tom)
It Ain't Me Babe - Sebastian Cabot (Tom)



The Dunce Confederacy with Micky Denny, Mark Lancaster and Brendan O’Hare

The Dunce Confederacy with Micky Denny, Mark Lancaster and Brendan O’Hare

May 1, 2017

Tom was away ill so Mark was allowed to speak and joined Micky and Brendan to play some tunes. 



Troubled Mind - The Headcoats
Hearts Turn Blue - Calvin Kohnson
Roller Coaster By The Sea - Jonathan Richmond


California - Jeff Klein
Bo Diddly - Black Eyed Snakes
Tail Lights Fade - Buffalo Tom


Bye Bye - The Clean
Enemy Destructs - Thee Oh Sees
96 Tears - ? and the Mysterians


Rise Up With Fists - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Not The Tremblin' Kind - Laura Cantrell
Revalator - Gillian Welch


The Cat - Jimmy Smith
The Monochrome Set - The Monochrome Set
Wimbledon Theme - Keith Mansfield


The Day The World Turned Day-Glo - X-Ray Spex
Martha - Tom Waits
Lies- The Knickerbockers


The First Big Weekend - Arab Strap
Lazy Painter Jane - Belle and Sebastian ft Monica Queen
Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura


Hey Big Star - Boyfriend


Indian Summer - Beat Happening
Dark Creedence - Nap Eyes
China Berry Tree- Vic Chestnut


Mark Crackhouse Blues - Adam Green
Rollerskate - Call and Response
Bad Day - Darwin Deez

Dunce Confederacy with Tom Burgess

Dunce Confederacy with Tom Burgess

April 3, 2017

Micky is away after being incapacitated with the runs. Brendan turns up halfway through with a 'slide based' wrist injury and Tom lets Mark talk. 

She Takes Me There - Promised Land Sound
Lord Can You Hear Me - Spacemen 3
Darling - Real Estate

Some People Never Change - Rocket Ship TV
Island - The Mantles
Wish The World Away - American Music Club

Neither Here Nor There - Lost In The Trees
Obscura - Fuzzy Lights
Leaving Moomin Valley - Graeme Miller & Steve Shill

Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens
Rain - Martin Stephenson and the Daintees
Holy Shit - Father John Misty

Going Back To Wurstville - King Salami and the Cumberland Three
With A Girl Like You - Condo Fucks
You Gonna Get It - Coachwhips

This Girl Taught Me To Dance - The Strange Boys
Rip Van Winkle - Shannon and the Clams
Sad Screaming Old Man - Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts

Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes
I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor - Gravenhurst
Book Of Love - Fraser A Gorman

Writeabout - Eight Rounds Rapid
Billy Hunt/Spectacular - Graham Coxon
Sweet Gene Vincent - Ian Dury and the Blockheads

Into Your Arms - The Lemonheads
Smith and Jones Forever - The Silver Jews
Love On The Buses - Mark Wynn

No Taste Bomber - Salad Boys
Raymond and the Wires - Robyn Hitchcock

The Dunce Confederacy - with guest Brendan O’Hare

The Dunce Confederacy - with guest Brendan O’Hare

March 6, 2017

 Tom and Micky are joined in the studio by Brendan O'Hare who composed a new jingle live on air with the aim to take us national.


Ozma - Shannon and the Clams - Tom
He Did It - Detroit Cobras - Tom
Yosemite Sam - King Salami and the Cumberland Three - Tom

Victoria - The Kinks - Micky
A Man Named Joe - Can - Micky
Divine Times - Wet Dog - Micky

Flower Glass - Hand Habits - Tom
Red Eyes - The War On Drugs - Tom
Transatlantic Near Death Experience - John Squire - Tom

Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd - Brendan
Love And Me Make Three - Violent Femmes - Brendan
Aneurysm - Nirvana - Brendan

Troubled Times - The Headcoats - Micky
Vampire Blues - Neil Young - Micky
The Ocean - Ultimate Painting - Micky

The Drinking Song - Lauden Wainwright III - Tom
Neither Here Nor There - Lost In The Trees - Tom
A Fond Farewell - Elliott Smith - Tom

Many's The Nights Rest - The Furrow Collective - Micky
Take Me To The Other Side - Spaceman Three - Micky
Dried Out Dreams - The Pheromoans - Micky

Levitation - Thirteen Floor Elevators - Brendan
Car Trouble - Adam and the Ants - Brendan

Moomins Theme - Graeme Miller and Steve Shills - Tom
Marty Feldmen Eyes - Tumbledryer Babies - Tom