The Library of Aethers - Tom Paley Special

October 19, 2017

Tonight Diana played songs by Tom Paley and associated artists:

Tom Paley - Roll On Roll On
Lal & Mike Waterson - To make you stay
Paddy Tunney - What Put the Blood?
Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me
Bert Jansch - Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning
Ghazal - Pari Mahai
Bare Bones - Phase 4
Lost Harbours - Lake
Darren Hayman -Be Lonely
The Fleet Foxes - Mykonos
James Yorkston - Queen of Spain
Stick In The Wheel - Four Loom Weaver
Walter Pardon - The Bold Fisherman
The Young Tradition - Byker Hill

Tom Paley Tribute
The New Lost City Ramblers - Didn't He Ramble
Ry Cooder - Bourgeois Blues
The New Lost City Ramblers - George Collins
Leadbelly - Midnight Special
Bob Dylan - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Woody Guthrie - Vigilante Man

Robert Sunday - I Am So Tired Of Sighing Oh Lord Let It Be Night
Hold Music - Annabel
Bird Radio/Bones & The Aft - The Baton Factory (Faversham)
P.G. Six - Come In The Winter Is Past
Tom Paley - Little Birdie

Library of Aethers 21/09/17

September 21, 2017

Tonight's guest host is Emma from the Culture as a Dare show and she doesn't manage to hide it very well. 


Big Blood - She - wander(er)

Jane Weaver Septieme Soeur - Whispers of Winter

Ernst Pfandler - Zauerli Sung in the Inn

Di Naye Kapelye and the Tecsoi Banda

Jim Nollman - Froggy Went a- Courting (300 Turkeys)

Redvers Bailey - Young Romance

Hamo Hassan Ra'Sho, Mohammed Ahmed Ra'sho, Hussein Mohammed Ra'Sho - Mawal Wa Raqsa

Pamela Wyn Shannon - The Bee-Boy's Song

Giuwan Suliaman - Live at Leigh Folk Festival

Ed Dowie - David is Unwell

Alex Harvey - I love Monsters Too

Kemper Norton - Black Silk

Richard There - Axolotl

Lebah, Leader - Gambang Suling (extract)

Alix Dobkin - Living with Lesbians

Lost Harbours - Black is the Colour

Anatoli Kuular - Borbangnadyr with Steam Water

Davey Dodds - Storm Cat Song

Dalla - Anthony Payne

Adrian Lane - Count the Tides

Baluji Shrivastav - Sleep, Queen of the Dolls

Ladysmith Black Mamboza - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Autumn Moon



Library Of Aethers - 24/08/2017

August 24, 2017

Guest Librarian Paul Collier presents Library of Aethers guest starring Piers Haslam. 

Spencer the Rover- Muckram Wakes
Forky Deer- Black Twig Pickers
Lady Keiths Lament- Ray Fisher
Pangs- Alasdair Roberts

'Live Set from Piers Haslam
On yonder old oak
The brisk young ploughboy
The kaiser karl rag'

Rakotozafy- Samy Faly
Asmine - D'Gary

Bongwater- Kisses Sweeter than Wine
Charles Alexandre- Eschoticha Simpla
Ide putem Ilija- M.Krnjevac-Z.Karic

Fine Horseman- Lal & Mike Waterson
Sing me into your Tune- Marry Waterson & David A Jaycock
Giovanni Maria Tampori- Canti Di Corrulanti

'Live Set from Piers Haslam
First Night at Sea
Boar's Head Carol
Drunken Madness'

Lord Donegal- Sarah and Rita Keane
Lord McDonald/ Miss McGuinness (Reels)- Michael Coleman

Burrowed into the Soft Sky Part 3 - Doomed Bird of Providence
La Pernette- Malicorne

The Innocent Hare- Rapunzel & Sedayne
Trek to England- Count Lasher
Trompen hass Trond- Lise Lunde Brennhagen
Springar- Johannes Dale

Blow out the Moon- The Furrow Collective

Library of Aethers - 29/06/17

June 29, 2017

Guest hosted by Jo Overfield and Ray Morgan from Sundown Arts, featuring spoken word and animals...

Heart Like a Wheel- Kate and Anna McGrarrigle 


Animal Section


Walking the Cow- Daniel Johnston

Who stole the Lock off the Henhouse Door?- Riley Puckett

Cuckoo, Where are you?- Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman

Sad Song- Psapp

Sit in the Middle of three galloping dogs- Silver Mt Zion Band

Spotted Cow- Rubus

Whole heap of horses- Anna and Elizabeth

Wild Hog in the Woods- The Furrow Collective


Two Brothers- Directijng Hand (What put the blood)

Cummins Falls- 75 Dollar Bill

The Farmers Curst Wife- Horton Barker

When I die- The Doc Watson Family

Nottamun Town- Shirley Collins & Davy Graham

Thousands or More- The Copper Family

Stuart Estell- Shallow Brown

Riddles- Dark Patrick

Fallow Year- Crafting for Foes

Greenland Bound- Big Eyes Family Players 

Annabel- Hold Music

Happy Meeting in Glory- Joseph Spence 

The Library Of Aethers - 1st June 2017

June 1, 2017

Tonight, in Diana's absence guest host Mickey Denny played tge following songs. He was joined in the studio by Winter who performed her songs live. 

Anne Briggs - Living By The Water
Anne Briggs - Wurly Wall
Neil Young - Walk On
The Furrow Collective - Many's The Night's Rest
Rocket Ship TV - Vegan Broadcast
Brenda Wootton and John the Fish - Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens

Winter live the studio
You Don't Need Me
Fear Can Decide

Little Wings - Fat Chance
Floating Points - Silhouettes part III
Mein Haus - Hexe

Winter live in the studio
Cherry Tree
Smile Through The Rain

Wednesday's Wolves - Bare Bones
Bob Roberts - Homeward Bound
Jeannie Robertson - Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch
Vic Chesnutt - Lucinda Williams
Waterson Carthy - The Churchyard
Nic Jones - Blind Harper
Love - A House Is Not A Motel
Jack Forbes - Jack Tar on Shore
Danny Pedler & Rosie Butler-Hall - Bold Riley/Charlie's March
Trembling Bells featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Duchess


Library Of Aethers - 04/05/17

May 4, 2017

On tonight's show Diana played these songs. In addition, Simon Finn and Joolie Wood played live in the SFOB studio.

1. The Lyke Wake Dirge - The Young Tradition
2. Jerusalem - Simon Finn
3. First Watch - King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
4. Safe Inside The Day - Baby Dee
5. Walkie Talkie - Simon Finn (live)
6. What a Day - Simon Finn & Joolie Wood (live)
7. Through Stones - Simon Finn & Joolie Wood (live)
8. Red Cross Store Blues - Leadbelly
9. Hello Stranger - The Carter Family
10. The Oxford Girl - Olivia Chaney
11. Adam Had No Navel - Alex Rex
12. Transfusion - Nervous Norvus
13. Keeper of the Game - Mawkin-Causley
14. Kopanitsas - Pick Yer Feet Up
15. Bold Riley / Charlie's March - Danny Pedler & Rosie Butler-Hall
16. Free Grace - Mary Hampton
17. Pass the Distance - Simon Finn & Joolie Wood (live)
18. Silent City Creep - Simon Finn & Joolie Wood (live)
19. Friendships - Simon Finn & Joolie Wood (live)
20. Lulu the Bear - Gluepot
21. Coathanger - Pancake Promises
22. When I was a Young Girl - Anna & Elizabeth
23. Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs
24. Sunset Beauregard - Men Diamler
25. Deus Enim (improvisation) - Laura Cannell
26. Orfeo - Archie Fisher

The Library Of Aethers 9 March 2017 - Rif Mountain Special

March 9, 2017

Tonight in the studio, Diana's guests were Dom Cooper, Steve Collins and Jason Steel of Rif Mountains Records. They chose the following songs:

The Welcome Sailor - Lal Waterson (Diana)
All's Dear But The Poor Man's Labour - The Druids (Dom)
Scarborough Sands - Harry Boardman & Dave Hillery (Jason)
Diagoro's Theme - Wonderland Philharmonic Orchestra (Steven)
Those Spectral Shades - Bare Bones (Diana)
Dorset Hanging Oak - The Owl Service (Diana)
Cuckoo's Nest - Morris On (Dom)
Ballad of the Sad Young Man - Davy Graham (Jason)
E Cid (Steven)
I Am So Tired of Sighing - Robert Sunday (Diana)
Song for Eve - Hold Music (Diana)
Past Time with Good Company - Giles Farnabay's Dream Band (Dom)
All Through The Beer - Lea Nicholson (Jason)
All These Governors - The Evens (Steven)
[title unknown] - Jim Gheid (Diana)
My Lady's Coach - Staverton Bridge (Dom)
Meeting is a Pleasure - Lal & Waterson (Jason)
The Procession of Popular Capitalism - McCarthy (Steven)
Pangs - Alasdair Roberts (Diana)
Martyrs - Gaelic Psalms From Lewis (Dom)
Lyke Wake Dirge - Sounds & Silence (Jason)
Home Stretch Blues - Michael Garrick (Steven)

Library Of Aethers - with Tumble Drier Babies live - February 2017

February 9, 2017

Tonight Diana introduced Andrew Moore AKA Tumbler Drier Babies who played some of his songs live. Diana and Andrew choose the following tracks:

Banks of Red Roses - June Tabor (Diana)
My Donal - The Amalgamated Sons of Rest (Diana)
Do You Want To Be Buried With My People - Scout Niblett (Andrew)
Across The Universe - The Space Lady (Andrew)
Short Life of Trouble - The Blue Sky Boys (Diana)
Sal Let Me Chaw Your Rosin - The Skillet-Lickers (Diana)

WWF - Tumble Drier Babies (live)
Grit in the Oyster - Tumble Drier Babies (live)
Pensioner's Hands - Tumble Drier Babies (live)
Daniel Johnston Please Don't Die - Tumble Drier Babies (live)

Yo Momma - Peggy Sues (Andrew)
True Love Will Find You In The End - Daniel Johnston (Andrew)
We Danced - Jason Steele (Diana)
Adam - Bantama SDA Missionary Singers (Diana)
Jimmy Randall - John Jacob Niles (Diana)
Not About A Girl - Baby Bird (Andrew)
What I Love Most in England is the Food - Jeffrey Lewis (Andrew)
Jump Out In Front Of A Car - R.Stevie Moore (Andrew)

Bridges - Winter (Diana)
Go Your Way - Anne Briggs (Diana)
Philosophy of the World - The Shaggs (Andrew)
Diamonds In The Mine - Leonard Cohen (Andrew)

All For You - Tumble Drier Babies (live)

Gyore, Old Chap - Trakiya State Folk Ensemble (Diana)
Walking on Nails - Gzabo Szabo (Diana)
Ali-Pasha - 7 The Rustavi Choir (Diana)

Banana Man Blues - Memphis Minnie (Andrew)
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer - Jad & David Fair (Andrew)
Tossing The Daisies - United Bible Studies (Diana)
Polly On The Shore - Martin Simpson (Diana)
Too Much Time - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band (Diana)
Green Willow - Rachel Newton (Diana)


Library Of Aethers - 12/01/2017

January 12, 2017

Tonight Diana played folk songs from England, Scotland, Canada, Ethiopia and Nottingham!

'Here We Come A Wassailing' -The Watersons
'The Gower Wassail' - Charlie Bate
Big Eyes Family Players, feat. James Yorkston 'Low Down in the Broom'
Plantman 'To The Lighthouse'
Cowboy Junkies 'Black Eyed Man'
Kate & Anna McGarrigle 'Heart Like A Wheel'
Ry Cooder 'The Bourgeois Blues'
Long Pike Hollow 'Gute Nacht'
Jim Ghedi 'Snow Falls'
Fotheringay 'Winter Winds'
Robert Sunday 'The Drugstore Situation'
M.G. Boulter 'Above the Cafe Curtain'
Son House ' Death Letter'
Sleaford Mods 'In Quiet Streets'
Alemayehu Eshete 'Yeweyn Haregitu'
Hladowski & Joynes 'The Bitter Withy'
Martin Carthy 'The Queen of Hearts'
Baby Dee 'Lilacs'
Baby Dee 'Unheard of Hope'
Roshi, feat. Pars Radio 'We'll Go Down'
Stick in the Wheel 'Bedlam'
Ray Fisher 'Bonny at Morn'
Diamond Family Archive 'Who Put The Blood on your Right Shoulder?'
Lost Harbours 'Sister'
Darren Hayman & the Short Parliament 'Martin Said'
Balfa Brothers 'Tit Galop Pour Mamou'
Holden 'Rannoch Dawn'
Tumbledryer Babies 'The Last Day'
Harry Cox 'The Bonny Bunch of Roses'

Library Of Aethers December 2016 with special guest Cusack

December 15, 2016

Diana was joined in the studio by Lance Baldock and Tom Burgess of Cusack who played a couple of fabulous live sets. Lance also chose some music by his favourite artists. This is what was played.


The King - Cusack

I Sing Of A Maidenn That Is Makeless - Shirley and Dolly Collins

To Shorten Winter Sadness - Sharron Kraus

Jenny - American Music Club

Western Sky - American Music Club

Dear John - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals with Norah Jones

Long Way Round The Sea - Low

If You Were orn Today - Nancy Wallace and Jason Steele

Forever - Melodie Group

Friends Like Me - Cusack (live)

Car Keys - Cusack (live)

September Song - Cusack (live)

Crib For A Bed - Southend YMCA

Apache - Robert Sunday

We Danced - Jason Steele

Maverick You Are - Straw Bear Band

Tail Lights Fade - Buffalo Tom

Rancho Santa Fe - Evan Dando

My Recovery - Cusack (live)

Raymond - Cusack (live)

Arise Good Christians - Carolers From The Royal Hotel

Song For The Season - Tumbledrier Babies

Last Christmas - Little Penguin

Gravity - Cusack

Alone - Southend YMCA