Library Of Aethers - with Tumble Drier Babies live - February 2017

February 9, 2017

Tonight Diana introduced Andrew Moore AKA Tumbler Drier Babies who played some of his songs live. Diana and Andrew choose the following tracks:

Banks of Red Roses - June Tabor (Diana)
My Donal - The Amalgamated Sons of Rest (Diana)
Do You Want To Be Buried With My People - Scout Niblett (Andrew)
Across The Universe - The Space Lady (Andrew)
Short Life of Trouble - The Blue Sky Boys (Diana)
Sal Let Me Chaw Your Rosin - The Skillet-Lickers (Diana)

WWF - Tumble Drier Babies (live)
Grit in the Oyster - Tumble Drier Babies (live)
Pensioner's Hands - Tumble Drier Babies (live)
Daniel Johnston Please Don't Die - Tumble Drier Babies (live)

Yo Momma - Peggy Sues (Andrew)
True Love Will Find You In The End - Daniel Johnston (Andrew)
We Danced - Jason Steele (Diana)
Adam - Bantama SDA Missionary Singers (Diana)
Jimmy Randall - John Jacob Niles (Diana)
Not About A Girl - Baby Bird (Andrew)
What I Love Most in England is the Food - Jeffrey Lewis (Andrew)
Jump Out In Front Of A Car - R.Stevie Moore (Andrew)

Bridges - Winter (Diana)
Go Your Way - Anne Briggs (Diana)
Philosophy of the World - The Shaggs (Andrew)
Diamonds In The Mine - Leonard Cohen (Andrew)

All For You - Tumble Drier Babies (live)

Gyore, Old Chap - Trakiya State Folk Ensemble (Diana)
Walking on Nails - Gzabo Szabo (Diana)
Ali-Pasha - 7 The Rustavi Choir (Diana)

Banana Man Blues - Memphis Minnie (Andrew)
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer - Jad & David Fair (Andrew)
Tossing The Daisies - United Bible Studies (Diana)
Polly On The Shore - Martin Simpson (Diana)
Too Much Time - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band (Diana)
Green Willow - Rachel Newton (Diana)


Library Of Aethers - 12/01/2017

January 12, 2017

Tonight Diana played folk songs from England, Scotland, Canada, Ethiopia and Nottingham!

'Here We Come A Wassailing' -The Watersons
'The Gower Wassail' - Charlie Bate
Big Eyes Family Players, feat. James Yorkston 'Low Down in the Broom'
Plantman 'To The Lighthouse'
Cowboy Junkies 'Black Eyed Man'
Kate & Anna McGarrigle 'Heart Like A Wheel'
Ry Cooder 'The Bourgeois Blues'
Long Pike Hollow 'Gute Nacht'
Jim Ghedi 'Snow Falls'
Fotheringay 'Winter Winds'
Robert Sunday 'The Drugstore Situation'
M.G. Boulter 'Above the Cafe Curtain'
Son House ' Death Letter'
Sleaford Mods 'In Quiet Streets'
Alemayehu Eshete 'Yeweyn Haregitu'
Hladowski & Joynes 'The Bitter Withy'
Martin Carthy 'The Queen of Hearts'
Baby Dee 'Lilacs'
Baby Dee 'Unheard of Hope'
Roshi, feat. Pars Radio 'We'll Go Down'
Stick in the Wheel 'Bedlam'
Ray Fisher 'Bonny at Morn'
Diamond Family Archive 'Who Put The Blood on your Right Shoulder?'
Lost Harbours 'Sister'
Darren Hayman & the Short Parliament 'Martin Said'
Balfa Brothers 'Tit Galop Pour Mamou'
Holden 'Rannoch Dawn'
Tumbledryer Babies 'The Last Day'
Harry Cox 'The Bonny Bunch of Roses'

Library Of Aethers December 2016 with special guest Cusack

December 15, 2016

Diana was joined in the studio by Lance Baldock and Tom Burgess of Cusack who played a couple of fabulous live sets. Lance also chose some music by his favourite artists. This is what was played.


The King - Cusack

I Sing Of A Maidenn That Is Makeless - Shirley and Dolly Collins

To Shorten Winter Sadness - Sharron Kraus

Jenny - American Music Club

Western Sky - American Music Club

Dear John - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals with Norah Jones

Long Way Round The Sea - Low

If You Were orn Today - Nancy Wallace and Jason Steele

Forever - Melodie Group

Friends Like Me - Cusack (live)

Car Keys - Cusack (live)

September Song - Cusack (live)

Crib For A Bed - Southend YMCA

Apache - Robert Sunday

We Danced - Jason Steele

Maverick You Are - Straw Bear Band

Tail Lights Fade - Buffalo Tom

Rancho Santa Fe - Evan Dando

My Recovery - Cusack (live)

Raymond - Cusack (live)

Arise Good Christians - Carolers From The Royal Hotel

Song For The Season - Tumbledrier Babies

Last Christmas - Little Penguin

Gravity - Cusack

Alone - Southend YMCA 

Library Of Aethers - 20/10/16

October 20, 2016

Join Diana Collier for this month's folk show including a look at Halloween. We played: 

Dead Queen - Espers
How Can You Breathe? - Robert Sunday 
The Courtyard - Simon Finn
Crazy Man Michael - Arfur Doo & The Toerags
Cryes - Stick in the Wheel

Zombie Jamboree - Noel Anthony & his Calypso Band
The Werewolf - Barry Dransfield
The Monster Inside Of Me - Daniel Johnston
The Fang - Nervous Norvus 
Horror Business - The Fiends
Halloween - Alasdair Roberts & James Green
Demonomania - The Fiends
No Earthly Man - Ellen Mary McGee

Ascending The Tower - Professor Liang Tsai-Ping & David Ming-Yueh Liang
Fa Do Em Cinco Est - Maria Tereza De Noron
Skin Game Blues - Peg Leg Howell
Bill Norrie - Martin Carthy
fine silica - Emily Portman
She Is So Cold - Jo Lepine
Ice & Rainbows - Sand Snowman
Stay All Night - Jenkins, Jarrell & Cockerham
Darling Cora - BF Shelton
Barroom Girls - Gillian Welch
Hello Stranger - The Carter Family
Oh Joy When Will You Come - Men Diamler
The Adventures of You and Me - David Woodcock
England Was Aghast - Trembling Bells
Sally Free And Easy - Flying Saucer Attack

The Library Of Aethers 22.09.2016

September 23, 2016
Diana plays songs with an estuary theme including exclusive tracks recorded as part of Metal Culture's/Leigh Folk Festival  Estuary Songwriters Project in tribute to Jack Forbes. 
The Sunny Side Of The Ocean - John Fahey
A Different View - Kate Waterfield (Estuary Songwriters Project)
The Bay Of Biscay - Waterson Carthy
The Whale Fishery - Philip Hamon and Hilary Carre

At The Crowstone- Nick Pynn (Estuary Songwriters Project) 
Sir Patrick Spens - Stuart Estell
Outten About - Lucy Farrell (Estuary Songwriters Project)

The Undulating Sea - Lost Harbours 
When The Ship Comes In - Bob Dylan
Amy Johnson - Roshi Nasehi (Estuary Songwriters Project)

Road To The North/Hanging Bridge/All At Sea - Kathryn Tickell
Pleasant And Delightful - C Joynes
Smugglers Song - Alasdair Roberts (Estuary Songwriters Project)
Lowlands Of Holland- Paddy Tunney
Ocean - Velvet Underground 

Hazel's Somg - Hazel Askew (Estuary Songwriters Project)
In London So Fair - Mary Ann Carolan 
Suzanne - Leonard Cohen
Bonxie - Piers Haslam (Estuary Songwriters Project)
John Dead - Rachel Unthank and the Winterset
Polly On The Shore - Stewart Lee and Stuart Estell 
Dunkirk Jack - MG Boulter (Estuary Songwriters Project)

South Australia - The Hoy Shanty Crew 
Cruel Mother - Graham Coxon 
Jimmy's Jewels - Men Diamler
Locks and Bolts - Meg Baird

Library Of Aethers - 25/08/2016

August 25, 2016
With special guest Micky Denny playing live and sharing some tracks from the collection of the late Jack Forbes.
Frankie's Trade- Jon Boden
Slow Design- Plantman
Reno Dakota- Magnetic Fields
The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No- Jeannie Robertson
Four Drunken Maidens- Bert Lloyd
Bonnie George Campbell- Cath & Phil Tyler

Live Set

Bachelor's Hall- Mike Seeger
Shallow Brown- Tony Hall
The Cloud of Unknowing- James Blackshaw
Az Vey Dem Tatn- Black Ox Orkestar
I am Down- Calvin Johnson
By Now- Little Wings

Live Set

The House Carpenter- The Watson Family
Weeping Willow Tree- Lily Bros.
Dutchess- Trembling Bells and Bonnie Prince Billy
Bobby- Youth Lagoon
We Gets Up in the Morn- The Watersons
To Make You Stay- Lal & Mike Waterson
A Weakness For Roses- Baby Dee

Library Of Aethers - 28/07/2016

July 28, 2016
Live session from fabulous local legend mark Schubert of Phillious Williams and Holler for Mary. Expect tracks of a transatlantic nature.

Heap of Horses- Anna & Elizabeth
Vigilante Man- Ry Cooder
Cold in Philadelphia/Dance of Death- Jason Steel
Alone and Forsaken- Hank Williams
Positively 4th Street- Bob Dylan
Atahora Fabiby- D'Gary
Bumbo- Moondog

Live Set

Jailhouse Blues- C.W Stoneking 
Panheads Forever - Dave Allen Coe
The Sea- Fotheringay
Close to the Grave- Diamond Family Archive
Steady Rolling- Two Gallants
Midnight Special-LeadBelly
The Banks of Red Roses- Mrs. Sarah Makem
A Jug of This- A.L.Lloyd 
The Girl with the Long Curly Hair- Sleepy John Estes
The Oil Field is Burning- Mark Lee Allen 

Live Set

Oxford Town- Bob Dylan
Rumpelstiltskin- The Ministry of Wolves
Rambling Man-Hank Williams
Your Cheating Heart- Hank Williams
Pretty Polly- Dock Boggs
Idris- Mike & Solveig
Jungle Lullaby- C.W Stoneking 
Back From the Mountain- Lucy Farrell

Library of Aethers- 30/06/16

June 30, 2016

Special guests Roy Thirwall and Leighton Jennings from the Goldsoundz team join in our first Jukebox Jury, and choose their own folky tracks.

Library of Aethers with Diana Collier - 11/2/2016

February 14, 2016
Matt Boulter - Let Light In
Scuttleshake - Old Fashioned Morphine
Anna and Elizabeth - Long Time Travelin’
Cath and Phil Tyler - Bonnie George Campbell
Black Ox Orkestar - Ratsekr Grec
Sufjan Stevens - In the Devil’s Territory
Dirty Scott – Train of Thought
Dirty Scott – Sanctioned List
Chris Davison - All my life
Owl Service Interview
The Owl Service - The Skater
90 day Men - Too late or Too Dead
Fugazi – Slo Crostic
Paul Giovanni, Soundtrack from The Wicker Man - The Widow’s Lament.
The Owl Service - Georgie
The Owl Service - Hugh of Lincoln
Pete and Chris Coe Hugh of Lincoln
Jean Ritchie - Geordie.
Slint - Nosferatu Man. 
Bob Davenport and the Rakes – The Hexhamshire Lass.
Sweeney’s Men – Afterthoughts.
Gillian Welch – Acony Bell.
Dirty Scott - Runaway
Dirty Scott – Lullaby for the Wicked.

Bonus tracks: Library of Aethers 2016
1. Widow’s Lament – Soundtrack to the ‘Wicker Man’, by Paul Giovanni
2. The False Knight by Tim Hart and Maddy Prior.
3. Geordie by Jean Ritchie.
4. Sea Song by Caedmon
5. Salisbury Plain by Shirley Collins.
6. Living by the Water by Anne Briggs.
7. Hugh of Lincoln by
8. Too Late or Too Dead By 90 Day Men
9. Slo Crostic by Fugazi
10. Nosferatu Man by Slint
11. More than Ever by Bedhead.
12. All By Electricity by Shipping News.