The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 16/5/2017

May 16, 2017

Episode 130: Practice Makes Perfect

What a whopper we have tonight. On the eve of his new album View-Master, we are delighted to have Practice in the studio talking us through some of its highlights.

Sammy Davis Jr – I’m Over 25 But You Can Trust Me
Gorillaz – We Got The Power
The Moon Landingz – Black Hanz
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Hollywood (Africa)
Sparks – Academy Award Performance
The Kinks – Celluloid Heroes
DJ Format - Behind The Scenes
Harry Styles – Ever Since New York
Paul Weller – She Moves With The Fayre
Practice – Iota
Practice – Vantablack
Homer Banks – Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
Thin Lizzy – Don’t Believe A Word
Alice Coltrane – Keshava Murahara
Robert Fripp – Exposure
Sparks – What The Hell Is It This Time?
Practice – To The Point
Janet Jackson – Miss You Much
Hazel O’Connor – Will You

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 2/5/2017

May 2, 2017

Episode 139: Excursion On The Version

Mr Easlea is delighted to welcome back HiFi Sean to the studio tonight. Since he last appeared on the Spectacular in November, he's had a BBC Radio 2 Playlist smash, Ft has been loved by many and his own super-limited remix album Ft Excursions for Record Store Day. To celebrate that, we're going to play lots of remixes, samples and covers, and Sean, as well as our own in-house remixer Alastair the Alien, are going to talk top remix tips. Got some BEAUTIES / plus Another Star by Stevie Wonder for dear Ruben; my current superjam from Cherryade, and beauties from Soft Cell, Talking Heads (official), Beastie Boys, Donnie Hathaway, etc! SEAN WILL ALSO REVEAL THE NEW MAS VENUE at 9:40!! Sion is going to doing a poem in the Burroughs cut up style of Bowie lyrics; graham on vibes and Susan with her legendary fact.

Yoko Ono – Telephone Piece
Stevie Wonder – Another Star
Cherryade– Get by
Black Oak Arkansas – Hot And Nasty
Sly and the Family Stone – Loose Booty
Beastie Boys – Shadrach
Hi Fi Sean ft Crystal Waters– Testify
The Bit A’ Sweet – Is It On Is it Off
Mark Ronson - Most likely You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine
B52s - Give Me Back My Man
Homer Banks - Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
Roger Waters – Smell The Roses
Soft Cell (Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version) - Memorabilia
Hi Fi Sean Ft Billie Rae Martin - Heavy Game
Hi Fi Sean Ft Billie Rae Martin (Night Excursion) – Heavy Game
Amerie– 1 Thing
Human League - Love Action
Hi Fi Sean ft Jean Honeymoon (Sunset Dub) – Monday Morning Sunshine
Donny Hathaway - Misty



The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 18/4/2017

April 18, 2017

Episode 128: A Song For Europe

We are absolutely thrilled to have Morton Valence live in the studio tonight playing tracks from their new album Europa. Rob and Anne from the group have chosen some tunes too. Also, Mr Easlea will be paying tribute to Bernard Edwards from CHIC, who left us 21 years ago. And, he'll be previewing this year's Record Store Day.

Barney Wilen - Zombizar
Morton Valence – Sailors
Chic for Bernard Edwards - When You Love Someone
Chic – You Can’t Do It Alone
Chic – Flashback
Harry Styles – Sign Of The Times
Morton Valence – The Model
Morton Valence – Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind?
Little Dragon – Sweet
Michael Chapman – Soulful Lady
Homer Banks – Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Too Much Time
Trevor Dandy – Is There Any Love?
Traffic – The Low Spark Of The High Heeled Boys
UK – In The Dead Of Night
Yorkson, Thorne and Khan - Bales
Morton Valence – Sailor’s Return
Cleavland Eaton - Bama Boogie Woogie
Morton Valence – Mr Whippy
Pallindromes – Rabbit Screaming
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - The Break Of Day

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 4/4/2017

April 4, 2017

Episode 128: Aah, the name is Boosey, Baby

We are delighted tonight to welcome Graham Boosey, who as Pancake Promises has just released the album Advert Songs - he will be in the studios talking about it in our new feature 'The Stories Behind The Song'.

Bob Dylan – These Foolish Things
Goldfrapp – Systemagic
Beatles – Please Please Me
Sparks – I Want To Hold Your Hand
Peter Sellers – She Loves Me
Isley Brothers – Twist and Shout
Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love
Yorkston Thorne Khan - False True Piya
Chris Difford – Fat As A Fiddle
Pancake Promises – Start Up
Pancake Promises – Meat Nappy
Pancake Promises – Animal Garden Ornaments
Pancake Promises – Toilet Seat Cover
Pancake Promises – Matching Bath and Toilet Mat Set
Joe Goddard – Home
Slade – Pouk Hill
Homer Banks – Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
Erma Franklin - Sweetest Feeling
Wilson Pickett – Sugar Sugar
Max Richter – Tuesday
Thunder Cat – Uh Uh
Guide You – Ibibio Sound Machine
Pancake Promises – Coathanger
Pancake Promises – Turnip
Pancake Promises - Pegs
Pancake Promises – Psychedelic Radiator
Pancake Promises – Power Down
Paul Weller – Long Long Road

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 21/3/2017

March 21, 2017

Episode 126: Let's go to the Pictures

Delighted tonight to have Paul Cotgrove, the director of Southend Film Festival coming along to offer a sneak preview of what's coming up at this year's festival in May. Expect lots of film tunes too, and all the usuals with Sion, Graham and Susan. We'll also be previewing the Indie Night Out on at the Railway on Friday and a generous raise of the fedora to dear Ruben.

Squeeze - Tempted
Elvis Costello - King of America
The Who - Squeeze Box
Depeche Mode - Going Backwards
Johnny Carroll - Hot Rock
Johnny Burnette - Rockabilly Boogie
Jack Earls - Let's Bop
Kasabian - You're In Love With A Psycho
Anton Karas - The Harry Lime Theme
Dr Feelgood - Going Back Home
Blue Aeroplanes - Bright Star Catalogue
Homer Banks - 60 Minutes Of Your Love
Solomon Burke - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
David Essex - So Called Loving
Laurel & Hardy - The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Underworld - Long Slow Slippy
Shadows - The Thunderbirds Theme
Sparks - Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
Sly and the Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher
Stylistics - People Make the World Go Round

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 7/3/2017

March 7, 2017

Episode 125: This Is My Happening and it freaks me out

Ahead of Mr Easlea's conversation with Brix Smith Start on this coming Friday night as part of the Essex Book Festival, tonight's show will feature a lovely selection of Brix-era Fall

Massive Attack – Teardrop
The Flaming Lips – Do You Realise?
Morton Valance - Ca Plane Pour Moi
The Fall – Hotel Bloedel
The Fall – Gut Of The Quantifier
The Fall – Spinetrak
Ibibio Sound Machine - The Pot Is On Fire
Nina Simone - Put Some Sugar In My Bowl
Young Man – Orange Can
The Adult Net – Waking Up In The Sun
Morton Valance – Das Modell
Liza Jane - Davie Jones and The King Bees
Homer Banks – Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
Bobby Keys – Give Me The Keys
Mel Wynn And The Rhythm Aces – Stop Sign
Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze
Genesis – Blood On the Rooftops
The Who - Magic Bus
The Fall – Feeling Numb
The Fall – 2 x 4
Platypus – Amphibians
Alien – Karezza
Rufus and Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 21/2/2017

February 21, 2017

Episode 124: Waiting For Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

Three from Nina Simone in honour of her birthday and Miles Davis in the Long One. And, of course, Graham James Brown's Taste Of The East and a boring fact from Susan

Cornershop HQ – Who Fingered Rock N Roll
Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm
Nina Simone – Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues
Nina Simone – Baltimore
Nina Simone – Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter
Thievery Corp DC – Strike The Root
Ray Davies - Poetry
Jerry Harrison – Things Fall Apart
James Brown - Funky Drummer
Cream – Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Chuck Prophet - Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins
Homer Banks – Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
The Supremes -5:30 Plane
The Emotions – I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love
Miles Davis – In A Silent Way/It’s About Time
Peter Hammill – The Polaroid
Redrackem - Wonky Bassline Disco Banger
Alien – Oil Black Stain
Nina Simone – Ooh Child

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 24/1/2017

January 24, 2017

Episode 123: First Shoots

To celebrate the release of Mike Oldfield's Return To Ommadawn and the first shoots of spring, tonight's Spectacular shall have a somewhat pastoral feel to lift the current malaise. Newies from Joe Goddard, Practice and Goldfrapp; a generous nod to Jaki Leibzeit with a few Jaki and Can related beauties; and some Mike O joining up the Long One and the Progflume!

Soft Cell – Entertain Me
Rotary Connection – Want To Know
Joe Goddard – Music Is The Answer
Can – Vitamin C
Can - I Want More
Can – Half Past One
Practice – IOTA
Goldfrappe – Anymore
Brian Eno and David Byrne – Strange Overtones
Sir John Betjemen – Senex
Solange Knowles – Junie
Lee Hazlewood – Ten Or Eleven Towns
Homer Banks – 60 Minutes Of My Love
The Gems – All Of It
Shirley Walton - The One You Can’t Have All By Yourself
Mike Oldfield – Return To Ommadawn Pt 1 (excerpt)
Shide And Acorn – Girl Of The Cosmos
Flaming Lips – One Night While Hunting For Faeries and Witches
Joe Goddard – Lose Your Love
Justin Hurwitz – Planetarium
Flo Morrisey and Mathew E White – Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Rolling Stones - Till The Next Goodbye

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 10/1/2017

January 10, 2017

Episode 122: Whiter than White

Our first show of 2017 pays generous homage to David Bowie on the first anniversary of his passing with his last three songs played one after the other and the Gouster version of Mr Easlea's all time fave DB song, Can You Hear Me

Flo Morrissey & Matthew E White - Grease
Chuck Prophet - Bad Year For Rock And Roll
Bad Year For Rock And Roll
David Bowie - No Plan
David Bowie - Killing A Little Time
David Bowie - When I Met You
Thievery Corportation featuring Racquel Jones - Letter To The Editor
Deep Throat Choir - Be Ok
Ultrasound - Kon-Tiki
Nancy Wallace - We Don't Talk Anymore
Beth Orton - Falling
Slade - Far Far Away
The Birthday Party - Release The Bats
Homer Banks - 60 Minutes Of Your Love
Jack Montgomery - Dearly Beloved
James Carr - Who's Been Warming My Oven?
Brian Eno - Reflection
Flaming Lips - The Castle
Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise
George Michael - Freedom 90
Bruno Mars - Finesse
David Bowie - Can You Hear Me

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular - 13/12/2016

December 13, 2016

Episode 121 : Dirty Deeds Donne Dirt Cheap

For the final Spectacular of 2016, as is it Saint Lucie's Day, we are paying tribute to poet John Donne, who wrote A Nocturnal about said day. As the sun scarce unmasks itself for seven hours, we are going to get metaphysical with some of the year's greatest hits. Expect d. Bowie, Avalanches, A Tribe Called Quest, Miiike Snow, Childish Gambino, de la soul, Deap Valley, Lemon Twigs and in the long one, a remarkable comeback from Ultrasound. A real treat for you to Graham Brown is bringing his left-handed acoustic in and is going to perform live, his 1984 classic 'Undoing What Donne Did' and Sion will read some Donne as well as one of his own. Sue has a fact, too.

Lake and Palmer – From The Beginning
David Bowie - Dollar Days
The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra
The Weeknd Ft Daft Punk - Starboy
Miiike Snow – Genghis Khan
Cass McCoombs – Bum Bum Bum
Deap Vally – Royal Jelly
A Tribe Called Quest – Melatonin
De La Soul ft. Snoop Dogg – Pain
Graham Brown – Undoing What Donne Did
Van Morrison – Rave On John Donne
Solange Knowles – Don’t You Wait
Homer Banks – Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
Childish Gambino – Have Some Love
Hi Fi Sean Ft Crystal Waters – Testify
Ultrasound – Blue Remembered Hills
Jacob Plant – Bike Engine
Bad Bad Not Good ft Sam Herring - Time Moves Slow
David Holmes and Steven Jones – the Reiki Healer From The County Down
The Monkees – Me And Magdalena