Culture as a Dare Nov 2017

November 2, 2017

Some BIG sounds this month. I should point out that I never read the end of Little Women so if comparing someone's homelife to the book is offensive I apologise..... 


Mouse Round - Here's a Pin - Bagpuss Soundtrack

Prayana Kirtana

Patrick Coppola - Personafissure Parts 1-2

Pearl Divers - Smoking Gun

L.$.D. Fundraiser - I'll Bring You Down

Homeboy Sandman - Unravelling ft Jozef Van Wissem

Jez Creek, Ola Szmidt - Vibrations

Imploded View - Yamsio Nights

Silje Nes - Crystals

The Big Eyes Family Players - Ghosts Walk these Hills

Frankie Cosmos - Quick Song

Auster Boys - Interstitial Surge

Frankie Cosmos - POV of Toothbrush

Alexander Chambal-oglu Tulush - Ang-Meng Mal-Magan Ottuneri

Hoofus - Salvage and Reclamation

Raising Holy Sparks - Deepavali

Ongo Ensemble - Eci Ameya

Hxw Hxw - Exhuming the Cyclical 

Ian Moss with The Get - Have You Got it Yet

More L.$.D Fundraiser

Naked City Cinema - Naked Sweden/Naked Russia

Jean Bosco Mwenda - Tambala Moja

Culture as a Mild Scare 2017

October 5, 2017

Tonight we have some spooky dark ambient sounds, some noisy rock, some noisy rocks and a few things in between. 


Lost Harbours - Waking

We Us - Imaginary Friend

Sim Hutchins - Some Men (Me) Just Want to Let the World Burn

Saint McCabe - A Burial

Sayid Abdul Rahman and his group, Madbis Clan, Ganis Village, Berta Tribe - Al Shammasha

Ian Moss with Monkeys in Love - Heritage Theme Park

Isanj Dui - Loop 4

Cash For Your Stories - Raoul Moat (Spanish Folk)

Pumpkin - Crushing Aong

SWAN MEAT - Blood Echo/Wraith

That Faint Light - Backlit and Diffused

Bredbeddle - Feely

Time Attendant - TechAtomic

Ringing Rocks

Noir Noir - Infant of The Moon

Winterbound - The Mirror Room

Clear Degrade - In Passing

Jodie Lowther - Song for the Owl Outside

Anarchestra - Klekt 11


Culture as a Dare - 07/09/17

September 11, 2017
Tonight's show features a distinct lack of tunes or beats and a rubbish attempt at Skyping Lee which brought down the whole internet. I do belatedly play three of his choices though. They're the ones with beats in. A strangely meditative episode.
Helena Celle - When I Get Out of Jail
Calhau! - Pecunibal
Strangers Family Band - Beware the Autumn people
C Joynes - The Autmn Leaves
Computer Graphics - Novosti
Joanne Pollock - You Know I Would Do Anything
Cuddle Formation - Hope For the Flowers
Bowditch - 12 Inch Polycarbonate Disc
Gordikov - Stray Cat
Lost Harbours - Elegy
Karen Gwyer - The Workers are on Strike
Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band - Djanfa
T.V. Ramaswami Sastrigal - Sky Lark Squirrel Country Oil Mill Red Bird
Kate Armitage - Wide Foyer
Lucy Cait - Say Aye
Kemper Norton - Coming Home
Eumig - A Pressurized Vessel IIame
Bird Names - Nazi Beach Party

Culture as a Dare August 2017

August 14, 2017

Tonight was co-hosted by a balloon with Lee's face drawn on it. 

Howlround - Amboy (partial)

Grotbags - Cute

Static Noise Bird - Bubblewrap Pancakes

Helena Celle - Distributed Denial of Reality

Loose Capacitor - And We Begin

Legion Of Swine - Grisana Kommer Snart

Saudad Sisters - Where are You

Doomed Bird of Providence - Burrowed Into the Soft Sky 4

Mattie Konig - Amendoeira

Adrian Lane - Count the Tides

Ian Helliwell - Water Gardens

Lost Harbours - Towers of Silence teaser

Wrong Signals - Waiting on a Beach

Culture as a Dare July 2017

July 17, 2017

Tonight focusing on new releases and live tracks from our stage at Leigh Folk Festival, also an update on which berries are ripe right now and what I might be knitting next.


Algobabez - Bedroom Sessions 091216

Out of the Caves - Live at Leigh Folk Festival

Tumbledryer Babies - Online Insecurity Protection

Wisteriax - Alive in the Ice

Zensunni - Live at Leigh Folk Festival

Phirnis - Freeze Image

Adrian Lane - Andante

Giwan Suliaman - Live at Leigh Folk Festival

Kemper Norton - Dinah Hamlyn (cuts halfway, sorry)

Robert Sotelo - Let's Transcend

Adrian Lane - Another Spell than Beauty

The Focus Group - Stop Motion Happening

Court Orchestra of Naba Tigre - Traditional (Burkina Faso)

Samy Faly - Traditional (Madagascar)

Sealionwoman Live at Leigh Folk Festival - Selkie

Bottlesmoker - Batara Pandita

Lafidki - Live at Leigh Folk Festival

Gavin Prior - Eclipse Truther

Cibo Matto - Housekeeping



Culture as a Dare June 2017

June 15, 2017

If you're torn between politics and a need to dance you've come to the right place.


Nicholas Pegg - The Jeremy Corbyn Shipping Forecast

Crass - The Greatest Working Class Rip Off

Laura Cannell - Deus Enim

Radio Weirdo - Jeremy Corbyn

Miss Eaves - Thunder Thighs

La Fievre - Gauchetiere

Moff Skellington - Potato Pickers

Big Al Whittle - Jeremy Corbyn Song

Valium Era - Tanz Im Kopf

Elza Soares - Teleco Teco No 2

William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man (partial)

Homosexual Death Drive - The Temple of the Butthole

Humousexual - All Day I Dream About Slampt

Black Cat Clap Clap - Manor Park 1983

Cornered Yet Climbing Featuring Kelly Jayne Jones - Raw Healing

Moor Mother - DIY Time Machine

Moor Mother - Creation Myth

Phelan Burgoyne Trio - Midnight Train to Malmo

Jumble Hole Clough - The Start of An Adventure

Mike Cooper - Bangkok Street Singer

The Trebevic Choir - Oj Talasi

Terenski Snimci - Bagpipe



Culture as a Dare May 2017

May 22, 2017

Just Emma on her own getting back to covering the new releases, old classics and things you might not have heard. Latvia only mentioned twice. 

Ella Jenkins - Hello

Maria and the Gay - Oh Boy She Moans

Hanna Tuulikki, Lucy Duncombe and Alec Finaly - Tidesongs

The Estuary Songwriters Project - Tilbury Jack

Moongazing Hare - Despair

Dolly Dolly - Bound by sound

Henry Homesweet - Luke's Atari

Atari Teenage Riot - Death of a President D.I.Y!

Bitterfucked - Burnout Song

Stuart Russell - Air Please

Palindromes live for CAAD at the Railway

Latife Cheshmeli - Dila Dushdu (Everybody is Talking)

Mark Gergis - Homo Aleppo

Dark Globes - Do What You Want

Colin Stetson - Like Wolves on the Fold

Cannonball Statman - Hummingcone Hotel

Baluji Shrivastav - Sleep, Queen of the Dolls

Culture as a Dare April 2017

April 24, 2017

With Guest host Richard Thompson and a shockingly laid back repertoire, plus the announcement of our CAAD stage at Leigh Folk Festival.  

Culture as a Dare March 2016

March 27, 2017

Tonight I was joined by Pancake Promises who chatted about his music, upcoming shows and people who have inspired and supported him along the way. 


Palindromes - Rabbit Screaming

Ed Dowie - Why Do You Live in France?

Lekkido - Lychees

The Nearly - Discolonic / Gothic Portaloo

Parry Grip - Pancake Robot

Frank Zappa - St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Promises - Meat Nappy / Animal Garden Ornaments

Tumbledryer Babies - Red Letter Sweater / Still With You

Youn Sun Nah - Pancake

Pancake Boys Hoopty Squad - The Pancake

Niek Hilkman - Kapot

Caring Babies - The Bard

Unknown Elephant Mamoot - Improvisation with a Small Leaf

Eskimoomin - Hill Mouse

Toxic Chicken - Good Vibes

EPP! - Fabrkia

CN Lester - Your Hands

BJ Snowden - Conspiracy 

Henry Glissenaar - Oh Blah de


Culture As A Dare Feb 2017

February 27, 2017

Nonstop Tango - The Alphabet Song

Roshi and Pars Radio - Dar Kaarghe Koozegary / In the Potters workshop

75 Dollar Bill - Beni Said

Live Low - Antiplot

New Found Lung - Cuckoo

Rashad Becker - Dances II

Penguin Cafe - Cantorum

Elo Masing - Expressionen

Bargou - Mamchout

Endless Melancholy - A Song for Watching Snowfalls

Sam Andreae - v3K(araoke) (version 2)

Slum of Legs - Begin to Dissolve

L-R - Son d'arriba

Sunlight's Bane - Begrudging Soul

That Faint Light - Sleep Also Beckons

Ann Key - Not In This World

Christina Vantzou - Brain Fog

Then it all went a bit wrong and inaudible at this end. I'll play Pallindromes and Ed Dowie next month.