Culture As A Dare 1 March 2019

March 1, 2019

In which Lee takes over the show from Emma, and is utterly gatecrashed by an Austrian living in Germany, who somehow wormed her way into Lee's secret lair in deepest, darkest Colchester.

The next live CAAD show is on 13 April at Twenty One, featuring Tangerinecat, Lost Harbours, and The Spermacetti Organ.

John Callaghan - It’s The End, But… (John Callaghan's Cortical Charabanc, self-released)
Taupe - Take One (Fill Up Your Lungs And Bellow, Scant Records)
Moff Skellington - Triangular Coats Come Hiding (The Corduroy Bridge, German Shepherd Records)
Gagarin - Learning To Fly (Phenomenology EP, Courier)
PFFR - Dark Louds (Dark Louds Over Red Meat, Housewife Records)
Daylight Studio - Watermelon Fantasy (Morning - EP, Daylight Recordings)
Luno - Tendency (Tendency, self-released)
BADABOUM - La Vouivre (BADABOUM, Bruit Direct Disques)
Phelan Burgoyne Trio - Imubasam (Unquiet Quiet, Pumpkin)
2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella - Graphic Sexual Horror (2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella, Transformer Music)
Amanda and Brandy - I’m Melting (Nasal Tididooki E.P., self-released)
Big Lad - Ricky Balboa (Pro Rock, Box Records)
Happy Rhodes - When The Rain Came Down (Ectotrophia, Numero Group)
foodman - Mozuku featuring Pillow Person (Aru Otoko No Densetsu, Sun Ark)
Visage Pâle - Holistic Love (Holistic Love, Castles In Space)
Ryan Dann - Rat Finale Performance / Snowmobiles (Joe Pera Talks With You, Williams Street)
Octo Octa - I Need You (For Lovers, Technicolour)
Jud Jud - X Fast Song X (X the Demos X, No Idea Records)
GP&PLS - Die Autos Fahren Schnell (100% Pro-Monarchist X-tra Kone Radio, Groove Cafe)
Sly & The Family Drone - Votive Offerings (Gentle Persuaders, Love Love Records)
Unwaves - Foam Hands (Foam Hands EP, self-released)
Ken Nordine - Crimson (Colors, Snail Records)

Emma’s Final CAAD show

January 31, 2019

A somewhat frantic prerecorded farewell. Featuring in no particular order:


The Wendy Darlings, Pharmakon, C Drik, Xiu Xiu, Snork, Jude Cowen Montague, Parry Grip, Audrey Chen, Nim Chimsky, ORE, Art Terry, Mattie Konig, Vladamir Boyashev, Moon Hooch, Heart Eyes, Mein Haus, The Colourful Disease, The Nearly, Fate Vs Free Willy, Mancingelani, Cunning Folk, Tangerine Cat, Takeharu  Kunimoto and The Last Frontier, Humousexual


Thank you everyone. Stay tuned and support the Patreon xx

Culture as a Dare 10 Year Retrospective #1

November 9, 2018

Celebrating 10 years of gigs as a team, looking back at some of the shows with live recordings. We can't fit it into 2 shows but that isn't going to stop me trying. 


Breakneck Static - Hey Mikey

Pallindromes - Rabbit Screaming

Meddicine - Live at CAAD (Sunrooms)

Anthony Briggs - Live at CAAD (Railway small room)

Alien - Electric Eye 

Woodchucker - Tonight We're Sea Monsters

The Marbles Jackson - What Remains

Little Penguin - Chromosphere

The Bobby McGees - We Never Sleep

Tropical Ooze - Parade

Melodie Group - Adventure Island in the Rain

Brideburger - Live at CAAD (Railway big room)

Zensunni - Live at CAAD for Leigh Folk Festival

The Hillmisters - Bed Headz

Paper Dollhouse - The Lost Man

Rattle - Disco

Maria and the Gay - Motherfolkers

Temperatures - 14.14

Kostoglotov live for CAAD (Railway)

Lafidki - The Ceremony of the Drowned

BlueBeard - Live for CAAD

The Owl Service - How the Gods Kill

Bella Emerson - Live for CAAD (at Bar Lambs)

R. Stevie Moore - Live for CAAD (Railway big room)

Sophie Cooper - Dua Hantu

Silver Apples - Lovefingers

Culture as a Scare 2018

October 12, 2018

A little bit garbled. A little bit fierce.


Zherbin - Petali III

Guttersnipe - Stromatolite's Kiss

Kapil Seshasayee - The Ballad of Bant Singh

Miss Eaves - Fast Forward

Winterbound - The Mirror Room

Museum - The Law

MrSolidSnake745 - Ghostbusters Theme

NASA - Enceladus Hiss

HHY & The Macumbas - Wilderness of Glass

Dollboy - California

Sone Institute - French Woods

Gustavo & Jorgos - Desde el Alma

MMMM - Kalis

NASA - Van Allen Probe A

Ujjaya - Flight to Omega

NASA - Sun Sonification

NASA - Isolated robots

Rui Ho - Lush

Ten - The Age of Today 

Liberez - Here is the Proof

Mary Ocher - The Sound of War

Sandal - Lama Bada Yatathana

The Caring Babies - Corridors of uncorrugated cardboard



Culture as a Dare September 2018

September 6, 2018

In which I totaly forgot to plug my own gig with Rock Garden of Chandigahr soundtracking animated sci-fi classic Fantastic Planet at New River Studios in London on the 19th September. Tickets cheaper in advance,


Monkeys in Love - Installation Song

Magic Mist - Tentacle Finger

Moldy Peeches - Downloading Porn with Davo

Shooby Taylor - Lift Every Voice and Sing

Vicious Dogs - CSMA

Emanuel Salvador - D

Catherine Hershey - O Ma Cherie

Pancake Promises - Door Knobs

Kadonnut Manner - Kummitus on Kultainen Herra


Carla Bozulich - Prince of the World

Noir Boy George - Enfonce-toi dans la Ville

Gavin Prior - Always Summer Somewhere

Shape Worship - Tamesis (Laura Cannell remix)

Joel Cahan - Black Rainbows

Pancake Promises - Mystery Tin Can

Caring Babies - Silly Bag of Flour

Warm Boys - Beat Me Up

Pettaluck - Beer and Coffee

Pancake Promises - Toothpicks

Experimental Sonic Machines - Unknown title

Launay - Le Jardin des Elipses

Culture as a Dare August 2018

August 9, 2018

Tracklisting to follow.......

Culture as a Dare June 2018

June 15, 2018

24 hours and 5 minutes late, Culture as a Dare is back on air and what a delightful mix of tunes we have to lay before you. 


Loop Aznavour - The Girl With the Broken Face

Clara Engel - Wandering Light

Orchestre Baka Gbine - Liquindi

Phillip Marshall - Prodigal Son

Tapenoise - Bohemian Brood

Carla Bozulich - Glass House

Staraya Derevnya - Offering

FrankJavCee - Pop Song

Jodie Lowther - Dream of the Melting Plane

1000names - Roket Loop '94

Wheelchair Sports Camp - Hard Out Here for a Gimp

Docki Dong - T4CKY 

Robert Sunday - Romy

Tartine De Clous - C'etait par un dimanche matin

Thomas Traux - It Always Rains on Sundays

Mary Hampton - Gold Hat

Conny Olivetti - Ourang Medan

RADIKAL KUSS - Human Fight

Bada Doom - I am Loved and I need to be Human

Appalache - Hot

Harmergeddon and Lost Harbours live for Culture as a Dare

June 12, 2018

This gig was orginally broadcast live on the 17th May 2018 from Twenty One. This version has improved sound quality from the live broadcast and is more succinct. Also playing on the night was Forelight, you can hear his set here

Culture as a Dare April 2018

April 22, 2018

This month we kick things off with some very short tracks and then we dribble down the pitch towards some fantastic new releases before putting it in the big netty thing and going home for a shower.



The Pocket Gods - Cygnus


Alix Dobkin - Hug -ee- boo

Unknown (actually I suspect it's me)

Richard There - Now I'm Fucked

Dave Phillips - Drinking Song From the Tomb

Pippet Show - Melody Egg#2

Chinabot - Jungjunyung - When I was a Man

Mbuti Boys - Nkumbi Initiation Song

Gas -f

Tumbledryer Babies - Quit Yr Job

Hime Bangs - Hui

Hyperbubble - Delicious Red Overture

Gas - Telluirium

Jodie Lowther - BBC Death and Horror

Katja Fregatte - Der Fat Albert

Sublime Frequencies - Vocal duet

Indii Moon - Counting Sheep

Frankie Cosmos - May 9

Central African Republic - Nzombi

Free Kitten - Feelin'

Psychological Strategy Board - Stereo Interference

Mark Gergis - Syria Today

Sayan Bapa - Cave Spirits

Adrian Lane - The Puzzle Begins

Harakiri - Speed

Unknown - Epilogue

Zorras - In the Details 3

Mr Solid Snakes 745's Floppy Drive Orchestra - Doctor Who Theme

Pettaluck - Intro

Hybernation - Long to

Boiled Head - Overtune (reprise)

Obasquiat - Rachel Sheherazade

Steph Horak - JLY

Jim Nollman - The lesson replayed

Broadcast - Minus 3

Emmanuelle Gatuso - Bist Du Auch In Meinem Traum?

Kari Bass, Tim Bass - I had a Little Nut Tree


Ita - Dabao

Kria Brekkan - Place of You

Chrissie - Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Monoslapper - Twit

Arma Agharta - Finding Spirit

Harmergeddon - Live at the Arts Cafe

Mark Applebaum - 3 Unlikely Corporate Sponsorships - No.3 Halliburton

Copper Sounds - Gong

Phil and Cath Tyler - Wallington

C- Drik - Ici et Allieurs - Partie 4

A Hawk and A Hacksaw - A Broken Road Lined WIth Poplar Trees

Mattie Konig - Bootlickin' Love

Unknown - Expree Your loyalty to Te tribe You Live in

Richard Sanderson - Why I do Morris Dancing

Anna McClellan - Heart of Hearts

Psychological Strategy Board - Out of Formation (out of Duration)

Tomoko Sauvage - Mylapore

Debby Friday - Void

























CAAD 22nd Feb 2018

February 22, 2018

Tonight we play Where are they Now with some of our favourite featured bands, mention the Folk Festival too many times and then almost forget to plug our own gig THIS SATURDAY at Twenty-One, Southend seafront, to raise funds for the station. See you there at 7pm! 

Samin Son - Pyjama Party Bonobo

Thruoutin - Nursling Swallow's Perch

The All Seeing Hand - Silicon and Synapse

Swan Meat - Devious

Hybernation - Too Long

The Tumbledryer Babies - Rock and Roll Ha-Ha

Experimental Sonic Machines - Selection 1

Alex Monk - Quickening Light

Lafidki - Kniom Nahn

Gobbinjr - Focu di Raggia

Hang on The Box - Koniqiwa Tokyo

CSMA - Ambient One

Moonswift and Sand Snowman - Invertigo

Cloven - Evening Butcher

Staraya Derevnya - Whispering Scutes/Bubbling Pelt

Patrick Coppola - Reader's Hypnagogia

Steph Horak - FEB

Za Ginnipiggu - Natural Selection I