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Culture As A Dare 6 December 2019

Culture As A Dare 6 December 2019

December 6, 2019

In which Culture As A Dare Bingo is played by nobody, the politics of the day are duly avoided, and Lee fills time with a film recommendation.

Pete Wylie and the 399 - K Cera Cera (War Is Over If You Want It) (live in Toxteth)

W00DY - We All Want The Same Thing (My Diary, self-released)

Matt Elliott - Get Wrecked (Selected Works, Ici d’Ailleurs)

Iggy Pop - Sonali (Free, Caroline International Ltd.)

Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky - In The Air Tonight (single, Sacred Bones Records)

Kim Gordon - Hungry Baby (No Home Record, Matador Records)

Giant Swan - Pandaemonium (Giant Swan, KECK)

Konono No.1 - Roots of K - Martin Meissonnier Reconstruction (Kinshasa 1978, Crammed Discs)

Northwest - Winterland (II, Tempel Arts)

The Psychotic Monks - It’s Gone (Silence Slowly and Madly Shines, self-released)

Laibach - We Will Go To Mount Maektu (Party Songs, Mute)

Horse Rock - Rasputin (Pony M, self-released)

Luno - Russian Wallpaper (Gnarl, self-released)

Aleksi Perälä - UKMH51900041 (Resonance, Trip Recordings)

Jaimie Branch - twenty-three n me, jupiter redux (FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise, International Anthem)

Big In Sheboygan - Whales Wales Wails (Nathaniel, self-released)

Omar Souleyman - Layle (Shlon, Because Music)

Something Something Sound System - Hurricane (single, self-released)

Chestburster - Camp Blood (single, self-released)

Paranoid London - Angel Of Hell - Album Edit (featuring Alan Vega and Arthur Baker) (PL, self-released)

Jonathan Meades and Mordant Music - MeMe Trepanning (Pedigree Mongrel, Prototype Publishing)

Dot Wiggin Band - A Christmas Song (single, self-released)

Culture as a Dare - Emma Returns!

Culture as a Dare - Emma Returns!

November 22, 2019


Dakabrakha - Yelena

Cursus - Peril

Slint - Don, Aman

Amor Mundi - VI

Spice Mouse - Bone Structure

Micah Torrence - MARABUcaribe

Toxic Chicken - Robots Can be Born

Mattie Konig - Ladybird

Myshiuno - You're All Strangers to Me

KOKOKO! - Kitoko

Algis Fediajevas - Šis tas apie atgailą ir viltį

Chris Lott - Optimizing Randall's Body

Robert Sotelo - Infinite Sprawling

Charles Kynard - Mamblues

Loopool - Quintet for Conch shell

Fort William - Best Men (featuring the Warm Boys)

Ritual Chair - You Always Try to Get What you Want

Bloom de Wilde - Cassandra Atlas

Angry - Slime

Stephanie Merchak - Impacts, Reflections and Feedback




Culture As A Dare 8 November 2019

Culture As A Dare 8 November 2019

November 8, 2019

In which pies are silently consumed, money is begged for, and a MASSIVE announcement is made.

CAAD will now be broadcasting fortnightly, starting on Friday 22 November at 8pm. Emma and Lee will be alternating their shows, with Emma broadcasting on 22/11, then Lee on 6/12, and so on.

To support Ship Full Of Bombs with a monthly donation, please visit

Guerrilla Toss - Plants (What Would The Odd Do?, NNA Tapes)

Dan Knudsen - Hellflyers (PSYCHOS, self-released)

Kai Whiston - III - Blue Dots (No World As Good As Mine, Lux)

Paper Dollhouse - Lilac Dawn (The Walled Garden, MoonDome Records)

Petbrick - Gringolicker with Mutado Pintado (I, Rocket Recordings)

Thomas R Edwards - Threnody No. 1 (single, self-released)

E. Willey Von Huff-N-Puff - Just Wish You Were Here (Visible & Invisible Persons Distributed In Space, Numero Group)

Peter Ivers - Conference Call At Four (Becoming Peter Ivers, RVNG Intl.)

STANLÆY - Limbless (Rif, self-released)

Seefeel - Vex - Peel Session (WXAXRXP Sessions Sampler, Warp)

Twelfth Day - Superwoman (Face to Face, Orange Feather Records)

df0:BAD - Amiga Blood Circus (Absolete, Cock Rock Disco)

Dr. Airlines - The Monster Inside Of Me (Thanks, Daniel. (No Overdubs Whatsoever), self-released)

Meemo Comma - Firn (Sleepmoss, Planet Mu)

Provincials - Skara Brae (The Dark Ages, Itchen Recordings)

Peter Vukmirovic Stevens + Strotter Inst. - La main à plume vaut la main à charrue (Bile Noire, self-released)

The Rotary Fifth - Whether The Weather (Automata. EP, Delta Function Records)

Negativland - Cadillac (True False, Seeland)

Bamboo - Daughters Of The Sky (Emma Gatrill remix) (single, Upset The Rhythm)

Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett - Hannett and Delia synth exchanges track 5 (The Synth And Electronic Recording Exchanges, Ozit Dandelion)

Churn Milk Joan - Hand Me The Jump Leads (I’m Nearly 60 Miles High, self-released)

Severed - Real Life (Visible & Invisible Persons Distributed In Space, Numero Group)

Big Blue Bazooka - I Want to Hold Your Hand (Cartoon Girl, self-released)

Ernest Hood - From The Bluff (Neighborhoods, RVNG Intl.)

Culture As A Dare 11 October 2019

Culture As A Dare 11 October 2019

October 13, 2019

In which everyone's at Twenty One in Southend-On-Sea, except you.

Pharmakon - Deprivation (Devour, Sacred Bones Records)

Iglooghost, Kai Whiston + BABii - Barely Twins (XYZ, Gloo)

Tang - It’s (Not) All Bad (Super Happy, Art of the Uncarved Block)

Ekoplekz - K Punk (In Search Of The Third Mantra, Front & Follow)

Moff Skellington - A Cradle with a Periscope (Strange Acrylic Night Custard, German Shepherd Records)

dyLAB & Pete Hope - Sharp (Dances on all Fours, SOIL)

Big in Sheboygan - The Mome Rats Are Coming (Nathaniel EP Preview, Lonely Voyage Records)

Loula Yorke - Untitled #1 (LDOLS, Rum Records)

Peter Vukmirovic Stevens + Strotter Inst. - L'inconscience, le déshonneur, la lubricité, la haine, le mépris des hommes sont à prix d'or. (Bile Noire, self-released)

Octo Octa - Ecstatic Beat (Resonant Body, T4T LUV NRG)

Negativland - More Data (True False, Seeland)

John Carpenter - Silver Shamrock (Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, Death Waltz Records)

Culture As A Dare 13 September 2019

Culture As A Dare 13 September 2019

September 13, 2019

In which microphone problems are the fault of hardware, NOT the date, Lee mentions the KLF again, and lots and lots of Daniel Johnston gets played.

The next CAAD live show, featuring ORE, The Spermaceti Organ, Joucous, and The Rock Garden of Chandigarh, is at Twenty One in Southend on Friday 11th October at 8pm.

Daniel Johnston - Chord Organ Blues (Yip/Jump Music, Eternal Yip Eye Music)

Gary Wilson and R Stevie Moore - Space Down (Its Friday Night) (Fake News Trending, OGenesis)

ORE - Vanadium (BELATEDLY, Box Records)

The Spermaceti Organ - SPORE (ISHA, self-released)

Joucous - Jaga Yogose Gulltri (Worship In The Form Of Dreams, Art Of The Uncarved Block)

Greeen Linez - Sunrise Express (Strange Energy, Diskotopia)

The Rebel - Hitlers And Churchills (Prawns, Junior Aspirin Records)

The Utopia Strong - Konta Chorus (The Utopia Strong, Rocket Recordings)

Rufus Harley - Hypothesis (Re-Creation Of The Gods, Ankh Records)

Harmergeddon - remember (Heat Lightning, Industrial Coast)

Adrian Lane - New Movement In Cities (Live at CAAD)

Chaines - Knockturning (The King, Slip Records)

White Ring - Body High (Chaind Volume 2 (Flooded), Rocket Girl)

Daniel Johnston - Fake Records of Rock n Roll (Is And Always Was, Feraltone)

Ocean Floor - Polyform (Dream Of The Sleeping Stones, zamzamrec)

WaqWaq Kingdom - Step Into The World (Shinsekai, Jahtari)

Trupa Trupa - Longing (single, Glitterbeat Records)

chipmunks on 16 speed - Call Me (Vol. 1, self-released)

Tucker Theodore - Shifting Dunes (To Make The Sun Hurt, Antiquated Future)

Jenny Hval - Ashes to Ashes (The Practice of Love, Sacred Bones Records)

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - Toxteth Day Of The Dead trailer 2019 (online video, Liverpool Arts Lab)

Spiritualized - All Of My Thoughts (Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, Dedicated Limited)

Namtao - Our World Is Different (Namtao 1986, self-released)

Weeping Bong Band - Dissonant Death Rattle (II, Feeding Tube Records)

Black Dresses - Wiggle 2019 (Dreams Come True 2019, Blacksquares)

Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End (1990, Shimmy Disc)

Culture As A Dare 16 August 2019

Culture As A Dare 16 August 2019

August 19, 2019

In which Lee's attempts at sidechain compression have mixed success, Lee's attempts to speak coherently fail miserably, and Lee's attempts to shut up and play the music succeed spectacularly.

The next CAAD live show features Adrian Lane, Manu Louis and Bowditch, and is at Twenty One on Wednesday 4 September at 8pm, £7 entry.

Andrew Hung - Ode (Crabstick Gameboy Compositions, self-released)

Blanck Mass - Wings Of Hate (Animated Violence Mild, Sacred Bones Records)

Lane go-go - Loaded evening (Dora, Nora, Perry + Mel, self-released)

Laura Cannell and Polly Wright - Sing As The Crow Flies Lullaby (Sing As The Crow Flies, Brawl Records)

Hypnotique and the Totally Wired Band - Totally Wired (unreleased)

Lonnie Holley - I’m A Suspect (MITH, Jagjaguwar)

Clara Engel - Little Blue Fox (Little Blue Fox, Vide Press)

Daylight Studio - I Love You Daddy (Afternoon - EP, Daylight Recordings)

Mr Let’s Paint - Let’s Piano TV (“Pizza” excerpt) (from YouTube live stream)

MC and The 7 Pedals - In The Basement (Gluten Free, Valentine Records)

Center of the Universe - Bulgarian Skip (Ixvo-Exvo remix) (Skweee-esque, self-released)

Waterflower - Tirpst (Live (Riga), self-released)

Manu Louis - Internet (Cream Parade, Igloo Records)

White Noise Winter - A Tryal of Witches (single, self-released)

Adrian Lane - To Fulfil The Promise (I Have Promises to Keep, Preserved Sound)

Bowditch - Transaction (Alchemy 4, Courier Sound)

Tartine de Clous - devant bordeaux (sans folklore, Saintonge Records)

Belinda Kempster and Fran Foote - The Ship Shearing Song (On Clay Hill, From Here Records)

Oval - fu (pop, Uovooo)

Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal, Jesse Paris Smith - Lotus Born, No Need To Fear (single, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)

Filmmaker - Internal Rain (Wetwork, self-released)

Olga Wojciechowska - Primal Fear (Maps and Mazes, Time Released Sound)

Hashshashin - Crossing The Panj (single, Small Pond)

KAPUTT - Think About Your Face (While You’re Doing It) (Carnage Hall, Upset The Rhythm)

Solypsis - Mixo Final (Self Release, self-released)

Culture As A Dare 19 July 2019

Culture As A Dare 19 July 2019

July 19, 2019

In which Tom Jones can do one, the first one minute and the last ten don't get recorded (accidentally, then purposefully), and Lee reveals (most of) the secrets of spending a week with Bill Drummond in Aulus-les-bains. Just to warn you, there's a lot of talking at the end of this one. But not as much talking as if you'd listened live...

Please note: the CAAD live show featuring Jaeho Huang, Legion Of Swine, and The Nearly, has been postponed indefinitely.

Karen Gwyer - Faces on Ankles (Man on Mountain, Don’t Be Afraid Recordings)

Ubertroll - On the Radio (Vol. Two, self-released)

The Rotary Fifth - Sun Salutations (Automata, self-released)

Hildur Guðnadóttir - The Door (Chernobyl (Music from the Original TV Series), Deutsche Grammophon)

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF - Everything Intensifies (single, Damaged Goods Records)

Oh My God! It’s The Church - Preachin’ (single, self-released)

Harry Partch - Ulysses at the Edge of the World (A Minor Adventure in Rhythm) (Sonata Dementia, Bridge Records)

Twink - Witches of Love (Think Pink IV: Return to Deep Space, NoiseAgonyMayhem Records)

Tralala Blip - Pub Talk (Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls, Room40)

Kemper Norton - incence (brunt calcined, self-released)

Tears For Fears - Suffer The Children - Original Version (The Hurting, Mercury Records)

Zu - Asmodeo (Live In Helsinki, Tannen Records)

Grimm Grimm - Shayou (Cliffhanger, Some Other Planet Records)

T-Bitch - TV Weekend (Tranarchy, Ex Gratia Releases)

Group Listening - Julie With (Ed Dowie remix) (single, PRAH Recordings)

Buddy Lee Dickens - Write A Song (Charly Brown, Love Love Records)

AJA - Charge (AJA, Opal Tapes)

Bill Drummond - True To The Trail (The Man, Creation Records)

Hilary Woods - Jesus Said (Colt, Sacred Bones Records)

*** ** ***-***** (Kevin Sanderson) - Chiming Twelve (instrumental) (single, ******* ****)

Seeming - Stranger featuring Sammus (Sol, Artoffact Records)

Culture As A Dare 21 June 2019

Culture As A Dare 21 June 2019

June 21, 2019

In which Lee is late to the party, Emma simply refuses to co-operate, and next weekend’s Leigh Folk Festival is extensively previewed.

(Please note: in tonight's episode, the part of Lee will be played by Purrdy the cat.)

CAAD’s stage at the Leigh Folk Festival runs from 1-6:15pm on Sunday 30th June downstairs at the Fishermen’s Chapel, and features performances from Las Guadalupes, David Colohan, Katie O’Neill, Charlot Webster, Hypnotique, and The Rock Garden Of Chandigarh. Entrance is free.

The Divine Comedy - Infernal Machines (Office Politics, self-released)

STANLÆY - The Mountain Collector (The Human Project, self-released)

Nothing.Existed - Zero Option (single, self-released)

Lilith Outcome - How Can It Taste So Good (Lilith Outcome, Feeding Tube Records)

DvStcH - Haddock Rock (WTFFY2K18, self-released)

Robbie C. - They Say (Open Heart’s Door, The Cassette Archive)

Blarf - Badass Bullshit Benjamin Buttons Butthole Assassin (Cease & Desist, Stones Throw)

Katie Dey - Stuck (Solipsisters, Run For Cover Records)

Nora Keyes & the Rococo Rot - Open Door (Mysterium Tremens, Folktale)

Leechbook - The Puritanical Reasoning (The Cruelties Of An Age, self-released)

Rita Braga - You Used To Be Stevie Wonder (Live at CAAD)

Petrol Girls - The Sound (Cut & Stitch, Hassle Records)

The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld - Orbital Dance Mix (single, WAU! Mr. Modo Records)

Sharron Kraus and Justin Hopper with The Belbury Poly - The Devil & St. Dunstan (Chanctonbury Rings, Ghost Box)

Melodiegroup - Bad News Telephone (Being and Nothingness, Southend Records)

Raising Holy Sparks - Ritual Bog Burial (Past Life Regression Temples, Cruel Nature Records)

Charlot Webster - My Cold Heart (Frances Goes Where Ever She’s Told, self-released)

Katie O’Neill - Loneliness of a Week (Within, self-released)

United Bible Studies - Driftwood Like Antlers (Rosary Bleeds, Golden Pavilion Records)

PicaPica - Sucker Punch (Together & Apart, Rough Trade)

Laura Cannell - Untethered (The Sky Untuned, Brawl Records)

Las Guadalupes - Serenata Huasteca (single, self-released) (CAAD STAGE 17:30)

Jon Hassell - Manga Scene (Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One), Ndeya)

Pettaluck - Urban Fox (live at CAAD)

Weird Sisters - This Is The Night (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Warner Bros.)

Morris Minor and the Majors - Another Boring “B” Side (Stutter Rap single, 10 Records)

Culture As A Dare 24 May 2019

Culture As A Dare 24 May 2019

June 3, 2019

In which Lee records with such haste that he's barely audible above the bedding music (but hey, nobody's listening to hear Lee talking), Madonna is thoroughly ashamed of herself, and Angus Deayton sits waiting for a show to begin.

The next CAAD live show is on Friday 14th June at Twenty One, featuring Rita Braga, Toxic Chicken, Pancake Promises, and Pettaluck. CAAD will also have a stage at the Leigh Folk Festival on Sunday 30th June.

The HeeBeeGeeBees - Posing In The Moonlight (Meaningless Songs single, Original Records)

Billie Eilish - xanny (WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, Darkroom/Interscope Records)

Death and Vanilla - Nothing Is Real (Are You A Dreamer?, Fire Records)

Polly Preacher - When You’re Gone (single, Lucky Listen Records)

Flying Lotus featuring David Lynch - Fire Is Coming (Flamagra, Warp)

D. O. Durant - Heart and Soul (Time Control Addiction, The Cassette Archive)

Justice Yeldham - All Day (Babachichi Bop, dualpLOVER)

R. Stevie Moore - Milk Shake (Advanced, self-released)

Frank Sidebottom - Panic (E F G & H, Cherry Red Records)

Neil Hamburger - Sounds of Laughter (Still Dwelling, Drag City)

Haq123 - Miles Salisbury (Heavy Mess, self-released)

Holly Herndon - Frontier (PROTO, 4AD)

Lydia Lunch’s Big Sexy Noise - Bad for Bobby (Big Sexy Noise, Sartorial Records)

Toxic Chicken - Meow (Project Jan, self-released)

Pancake Promises - Coathanger (Advert Songs, Wrieuw Recordings)

Rita Braga - National Anthem to the Moon (featuring Mary Ocher) (Bird on the Moon, Lunadélia Records)

The KLF - Make It Rain (92 Remix Instrumental) (Lost Trance 1, bootleg)

Klaus Morlock - Janice Invokes Crowley (The Three Faces of Janice, self-released)

Hatari - X (Neysluvara - EP, Svikamylla ehf.)

Mandek Penha - This Is How She’ll Do It In Japan (Our Present: The Current Earthly Embodiment, Tanukineiri Records)

Cosey Fanny Tutti - Moe (TUTTI, Mute)

CIALYN - Winds Reader (Silent Dailies, self-released)

bod [包家巷] - Infection Supplement (The Recurrence of Infections, Danse Noire)

Loula Yorke - 100 Years (ysmysmysm, Junted)

Caledonian Cowboy - Regards, Good Luck & Keep on the Sunnyside (The Folks Tunes of Caledonian Cowboy, Caledonian Cowboy Electrical Recordings)

WeirdGear Radio Show - 12/05/2019 | Eurovision with Emma Reed (Pettaluck / CAAD)

WeirdGear Radio Show - 12/05/2019 | Eurovision with Emma Reed (Pettaluck / CAAD)

May 12, 2019

You lovely Eurovisionaries. WeirdGear and Pettaluck (aka Lee (L) and Emma(E)) take a turn for the Eurobest and Eurowurst.

Here's what we played:

(E) Rita Braga - Millions of Reflections (Portugal),

(L) Fat White Family - Feet (United Kingdom), 

(L) Tame Impala - Patience (Australia), 

(E) Rita Braga - Millions of Reflections (Portugal) - [so good we played it twice],

(L) Royksopp - Foresaken Cowboy (Norway),

(L) Sabrina - Boys (Italy),

(E) Toxic Chicken - That Fine Ass (USA?),

(E) Pash Parfeny - Lautar (Moldova)

(L) Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin - The Shaman's Dance (Russia)

(L) Flamengo - Tyden v Elektrickem Meste (Czechia)

(L) Koncz Zsuzsa - Visz A Vonat (Croatia)

(L) Michael Mayer & Miss Kittin - Voyage Interieur (Germany)

(L) sir Was - In the Midst (Sweden)

(L) Zedenka Kovacicek - Draga Mi Je Lijen K'o Slika (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

(E) Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin - The God in the Fields (Belgium)

(L) Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Destiny Street (France)

(L) Zespol - Agent 008 (Poland)

(E) 1000 Names - Roket Loop 94 (Bulgaria)

(E) Waterflower - Grow (Latvia)

(L) Misa Blam - Gorila (Serbia)

(L) Sarolta Zalatnay  - Fekete Beat (Hungary)

(L) K-X-P - Melody (Finland)

(E) Salome - Vivo Cantando (Spain)

(L) Henry McCulloch - BP Fallon & David Holmes 


Thanks for listening and we're back on air 9th June 7-9pm.

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