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Collage  - with Jay Smith - 12 July 2019

Collage - with Jay Smith - 12 July 2019

July 12, 2019

Tonight on the show, Jay played a selection of original funk 45s. The playlist is: 

Lee Moses - Time and Place
Marva Whitney - This Is My Quest
Vivien Reed - Save Your Love For Me
Helene Smith - You Got To Be A Man
Spanky Wilson - You
James Reese & The Progressives - Lets Go It's Summertime
The Highlighters Band - The Funky 16 Corners
Lloyd Charmers - Dollars and Bond
Ray J - Right Place, Wrong Time
Reggie Sadler Revue - Raggedy Bag
The Dayton Sidewinders - Slipping in the Darkness
Timothy McNealy - Sagittarius Black
Al Trahan - Can I Feel It

Tee 'N' Cee and the L.T.D.s - Tighten Up With Soul
Hank Carbo - Bad Luck
Bobby Darin - Song For A Dollar
Cook E Jarr & his Crumbs - Whole New World
Manuel B Holcomb & his Band - I stayed away too long
The Majestics - Funky Chick
Singing Principle - Women's Lib

Lynn Tate - Out On A Funky Trip
Brian Walker and the Lunar 7 - Having a Jolly Good Time
The Honey Drippers - Impeach The President
John Cameron & The Camerons - Funky John
Joni Adams - Las Vegas
Rhetta Hughes - You're Doing With Her, When it Should Be Me
Clarence Coulter & Angela Davis - Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Les Tres Femmes - Listen To Your Mama
Carlene & The Groovers - Right On
Ricardo Marrero - Babalona

Collage  - with Jay Smith - 14.06.2019

Collage - with Jay Smith - 14.06.2019

June 14, 2019

On the  show tonight, Jay played a selection of psychedelic and freakbeat 45s. The playlist was: 

Rameses and Selket - Crazy One

The Aquarian Age - 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box
The Fingers - Circus with a Female Clown
Mud - You're My Mother
Steve Flynn - Mr Rainbow

The Pink Floyd - Candy and a Currant Bun
July - Dandelion Seeds
Svensk - Dream Magazine
Shy Limbs - Reputation

Apple - Doctor Rock
The Mickey Finn - The Garden of my Mind
The Attack - Any More Than I Do
Gavin Hamilton - It Won't Be The Same
Daddy Lindberg - Wade in The Shade

The Accent - Wind of Change
Mike Stuart Span - Children of Tomorrow
The N Betweens - Evil Witch Man
The Shotgun Express - Curtains

The End - Shades of Orange
The Mooch - Seen Through a Light
Manfred Mann - Funniest Gig
The Julian Kirsh - Clever Little Man

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - The LS Bumble Bee
Paul and Ritchie and the Crying Shames - Come On Back
Heinz - Big Fat Spider
Downliners Sect - Glenrdora

The Flys - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
The Birds - Leaving Here
Chords Five - Universal Vagrant
The Misunderstood - I Can Take You To The Sun

The 13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation (Doubt)
The Quiet Jungle - Everything
Hunger - Mind Machine

Savage Resurrection - Thing in E
SRC - Black Sheep
The Mothers of Invention - Who Are The Brain Police?

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Collage  - with Jay Smith - 19.04.2019

Collage - with Jay Smith - 19.04.2019

April 19, 2019

On the show this evening, Jay played a selection of 45s and library music. The playlist included:-

California Sun - Marlena Shaw
Hit or Miss - Odetta

Witchhunt - Frog
Svolta Definitiva - Bruno Nicolai

Peggy Britt's Party - Jean Claude Petit
Al's Blues - Sound Prospect
Sin City - David Holland
Aerial Camera - The Rock Machine

Stop Danger - P A Dahan
Fleur De Pavot - C Engel
Speed Skater - Klaus Weiss

Hudson Drive - Orchestra Delle Haensch
Wild Elephants - James Clarke
That's What Friends Are For - Madelaine Bell

Hard Work - Moods for Orchestra
Mungo Go Go - The Voodoos
Night People - Grerhard Trede
Hot Track - Rex Brown & Company

Slow Go - Camille Sauvage
Diana - Colla Voce
Deadline Destination - Brian Dee
Big John - Paolo Zavallone

Nuplex - Brian Bennett
Surge - Klaus Weiss
Compressor - Simon Haseley
Morning - Klaus Weiss

Super Angoisse - Bernard Estardy
Hi Bird - Cliff Johns
Wa Ba Da Ba Oh - Yan Treggar
Tripwire - Nick Ingman

Afro Metropolis - John Cameron
Strange Magic - Claude Bolling
Fun Buggy - The Poets

Up Above The Rock - Ray Bryant

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Collage  - with Jay Smith - 22.03.2019

Collage - with Jay Smith - 22.03.2019

March 22, 2019

Tonight on the show Jay played a selection of his own personal collection of prog rock, psyche and jazz-rock records. The playlist was:

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Wind - Dear Little Friend
Second Hand - Rhubarb

Hard Stuff - Time Gambler
Jericho - Ethiopia
Gnidrolog - Social Embarrassment

Andromeda - The Reason
Harsh Reality - Melancoly Lady
Colosseum - The Kettle

Edgar Broughton Band - There's No Vibrations, But Wait
Coley - Dirty Jo
Head - GBH

Nucleus - Song For THe Bearded Lady
Zoo - Mammoth
Made In Sweden - Winters's A Bummer

Solar Plexus - Bouillabaisse
Masters of Deceit - Boxes
Message - Is That The Way?

Francoise Hardy - Song of Winter
Fifty Foot Hose - If Not This Time
United States of America - American Metaphysical Circus

Zalatnay Sarolta - Hadd Mondjam El

Collage  - with Jay Smith - 25.01.19

Collage - with Jay Smith - 25.01.19

January 25, 2019

On the show tonight, Jay played the following tracks:

Brian Bennett - Madrid

David Lindup - Dawn Blues
Sven Libaek - Destination Omega 3
Keith Mansfield - Spectrum

The London Studio Group/Reg Wale - Experiment of Fear
Johnny Dean - Demerara
Johnny Hawkswoth - Dealers in Death
Hubert Giraud - Generique "Le Tueur"

Francis Coppieters - Funky Chimes
L Driver - Red Zone
Johnny Hawksworth - Brass Beat
Eric Vanell & his Orchestra - Whistler on The Rocks

Sven Libaek - Soul Thing
Paul Kass - Rockpile
Midas Touch - Earthshaker
Simon Haseley - Response

Brian Dee - Indianapolis 2
The Continental Flutes - Iceshake
The Dave Pell Singers - Oh Calcutta
Denny Wright and the Hustlers - Shout About Pepsi

Don Harper - Dr Who Theme
Bernard Estardy - Pop Ring
The Kai Rautenberg Organisation - Make It Go
Sammy Burdson - Hard Training

Gerhard Trede & His Orchestra - Outlines
Dave Sarkys - Balleroy
C op den Zieken - Onyx

Klaus Doldinger - Beat In Space
Sammy Burdson - News Background
Gert Wilden - Bad Feeling
Keith Mansfield - Morning Broadway

Brian Bennett & Herbie Flowers - Bass and Percussion volume 2
Herbie Flowers - Cactus
Alan Parker - Motivation
James Clarke - On The Wild Side


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Collage  - with Jay Smith - 28.12.18

Collage - with Jay Smith - 28.12.18

December 28, 2018

Tonight on the show Jay played a selection of his favourite records. The playlist include -

Michael Chapman - Soulful Lady

Second Hand - Something You Got
Hardin & Yorke - Candlelight
Sounds Nice - Summer's End

Charles Rouse - Hopscotch
Skull Snaps - Trespassing
Carlos Garnet - Mystery of Ages

James Mason - Sweet Power Your Embrace
Dana Gillespie - You Just Gotta Know My Mind
Donovan - Get Thy Bearings

Solarplexus - Phrygian Samba
Sunforest - Magician in the Mountain
Turley Richards - Nightmares

Skip Bifferty - Come Around
Bonnie Dobson - Winter's Going
Sheelagh McDonald - Stargazer

Patto - The Man
Warhorse - Mouthpeace

The Pretty Things - She Says Good Morning
East of Eden - Northern Hemisphere
UFO - Evil
Taiconderoga - speakin' my mind

King Crimson - Starless

Collage with Jay Smith - 14.12.18

Collage with Jay Smith - 14.12.18

December 14, 2018

On the show this evening Jay played the following tracks:-

Dennis Farnon - The Rebel
Pierre Detour - Pychedelic Portrait
Jack Arel - Elephant Theme
David Hollnad - Sin City
Anthony King - Soul of the City

Georges Alco - Autoroute A Peage
Derek Austin - Reflections in the Rain
Piero Piccioni - Per Le Strade
Alan Parker - Pusher

Lalo Schifrin - End Game
Andre Apino - Pop Drums
Benny Littman - Act of Threat
Franco Micalizzi - Affano

Barry Stoller - Condition Red
Armando Trovali - Tony's Back
Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle in America

Nick Ingham - Sight & Sound Main Theme 7
Bernard Estardy - Artifice Percussion
Bernard Estardy - Riviera Express

Ennio Morricone - L'Ultima Volta
Nico Fidenco - Come Back! Rhythm
Ennio Morricone - Come Maddalena

Marc Christian - L'Important
Ray Davies - Monomania
Janko Nilovic - Pop Impressions

Piero Piccioni - Traffic Boom
Zimmerman/Hotter - Powerplay
Janko Nilovic - Black Jack Party

Tom Parker - Portugalia
Jack Arel - Mutation
Bruno Spoerri - Lansing Bagnall

Keith Mansfield - Teenage Villain
Jacky Giodarno - Golden Blend
Birds N' Brass - Fritzy Baby

Benny Littman - Hot Track

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Collage  - with Jay Smith - 02.11.2018

Collage - with Jay Smith - 02.11.2018

November 2, 2018

On the show Jay and special guest Beat Detective play the following tracks -

Brian Bennet - Madrid

J Tromby - Rockbed II
Pierre Dutour - Safari
G Torossi - Sixth Dimension
David Perian - Crazy Flute and Happy Guitar

Simon Haseley - Cobra version 1
Motion Explosion - High Tension
Pool-Pah - Sour Soul
David Lindup - African Assignment

Michael Legrand - Un homme est mort
Georges Garvarentz - Haschish Party
Experience - Snoopy Travel
Johnny Pearson - Block Buster

Alan Moorehouse - West Coasting
Alan Hawkshaw - Action Replay
Dave Gruisin - Out To Lunch

J C Pelletier - Dangerous For Your Health
Franco Mannino - Liz 5
I Marc 4 - Dirottamento
David Lindup - Heavy Pressure

Foggy Joe Band - Black ‏Bird
Ning - Morning
Patchwork - Laughing Sam (On The Phone)
David - Selppin

Rumplestiltskin - Rumplestiltskin
Bun Hunga - Travelling On Rhythms
Derek Austin - Get Back

The Elastic Band - Highway Song
Jonny Teupen - Key Largo Blues
N Warren - C for Charlie
W Rockman - Newcomer
M Trenne - More Sub

R Jackson - Flashpoint
Les Baxter - Hoggin' Machine
Dilip Kumar - Dance Music
De 5 Van De 4-Daagse - Incognito
Johnny Hawksworth - Bite Hard

Selena Jones I've Got The Blues

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Collage  - with Jay Smith - 05.10.2018

Collage - with Jay Smith - 05.10.2018

October 5, 2018

On tonight's show, Jay played the following tracks - 

Brian Bennett - Madrid

Jingle - Skit
Johnny Pearson - Playgirl
Claude Vasori - Tic-Splash
Goldrush - For A Few Dollars More
Peter Sander - Eastern Ritual

Quincy Jones - Dynamite
The Monkees - Can You Dig It
Gato Barbieri & His Orchestra - Last Tango In Paris - Ballad
Jerry Goldsmith - Border Crossing

The Dance Orchestra of The Black Watch - 2001 A Space Odyssey Theme
The Birchwood Pop Orchestra - The Exorcist II, The Heretic
Goblin - Death Dies
A Alessandroni - Flirt

Lee Gracie - UFO Theme
Bullet - The Contract Man
Laurie Johnson - Waiting and Ambush
The Damned - Theta

Mike Vickers - Night Shift
Keith Mansfield - Powerhouse Pop
Max Harris - Hang Loose
Rene Costy - NSS1

Paul Kass - Funky Motion
Werner Muller - Bodybuilding
Gunther Kallman Choir - Daydream
Hair Soundtrack - Good Morning Starshine

Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un C...
Conroy Recorded Music Library - Fearing Much
Nico Fidenco - El Texicano
Don Harper - Thoughtful Hopper

Larry Robbins Sports Studio Band - Are You Free
Keith Mansfield - Slow Rocker
Keith Mansfield - The Undertaker's Song

Dennis King - Mr Baretta
Brian Bennett - The Unknown
Patchwork - Night Moves


Collage  - with Jay Smith - 07.09.2018

Collage - with Jay Smith - 07.09.2018

September 7, 2018

On tonight's show, Jay played a selection of library, soundtracks and lounge music from his personal record collection. The tracks played were:

Brian Bennett - Madrid

Roger Webb - Heavy Lace
Little Bossa - Gloaming
Karl Jenkins - Splot
D McAlister - Ice Blue

Alan Hawkshaw - Beach Journey
Brian Dee - Windup
Jim Lawless - Eastie Beastie
Midas Touch - Intimations

John Scott - Milky Way
Colin Beaton Trio - Flamenco Prayer
John Schroder - Headband
Ronnie Hazlehurst - Sometime Now

Moody - Lonely Jelly
Ennio Morricone - gli illuminato
Hugo Montenegro - Shark
Quincy Jones - Main Squeeze

Hal Vincent - Finger Sauce
The Mohawks - Beat Me Till I'm Blue
Lalo Schifrin - Danube Incident
Pierro Piccioni - Presi Per Incantamento
Ennio Morricone - Fondati Timori

Rahul Dev Burman - Mukti
Colours - The Men of Vision
Alan Parker - Gut
More Money System - Call It Anything

Mandingo - Black Rite
Brian Bennett - Solstice
Karl Heinze Schafer - Cardoni
The Maledictus Sound - Kriminal Theme
JP Mirouze - Sexopolis

James Royal - House of Jack
John Cameron - The Great Escape
Ugly Custard - Custard's Last Stand
Ennio Morricone - Rodeo

Francis Monkman - Daredevil
Peter Reno - Headliner

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